On My Radar

So many highlights from this week… starting with the fact that I took my first yoga class in forever. I stopped going when we got Hamilton, and then I just kept putting it off and off. Before I knew it, I was too afraid to get back going. The same fears I had when I…

Cold Weather

Plaid Skirt Season

Summer is starting to feel like a distant memory. Yesterday, I got ready for a quick trip to the city. It didn’t feel too chilly out, so I reached for this plaid wool skirt that I’ve been dying to wear. It ended up being so much colder than I anticipated. It was a super, super grey day outside which made it feel extra fall-y to me. All day I just wanted to sit by a fire under a giant blanket with a book!


Kate Spade Surprise Sale

There’s been quite a few Kate Spade Surprise Sales going on lately. A lot haven’t been that great so I skipped posting about them besides a tweet or two. But the one that launched this morning is extra amazing. So many great handbags!!!

My very top picks: a great crossbody for going out, a leather backpack, this bow back dress that works year round, this pink tweed coat with a perfectly placed bow, and the classic “all wrapped up” pearl necklace featured below.


The Most Comfortable Pajamas EVER

I interrupt the regularly scheduled programming to bring you what must be the most comfortable brand of pajamas ever. I had a totally different post planned for today but had to push it back to share these PJs… that’s how good these are.

I was on a press mailing for a collaboration with Olly and LAKE Pajamas. Olly makes my favorite vitamins so I happily sent over my address. I typically avoid unnecessary packages as best that I can, but in this case, I was more interested in trying other vitamins. The pajamas they sent over though. WHOA. They’re good.


Nantucket in Late September

I’ve been lucky enough to make it over to Nantucket a few times this summer. It really is my happy place. There’s something about walking off that ferry that instantly relaxes me– not an easy feat! This was my first late summer/early fall visit to the island and I have to say, it was my favorite.

It wasn’t exactly beach weather, but it was still nice to visit the windy beach in sweatshirts and jeans watching the surfers wait for the perfect waves.

Traveling to Nantucket with a great group of friends doesn’t hurt. I love this group of people so much… Garrett and I started going on ski trips with them a couple of years ago and it’s been so fun to watch the friendships grow. I’m glad we made a summer trip happen in addition to our winter ski trip. This was an extra special trip for a specific reason (keep scrolling!).


Falling for Fall Apples

I feel like Louisa must have taken a peek at my calendar for this week. She sent over some amazing recipes that use apples… and we’re planning on apple picking later this week. Last year we ended up with so many extra apples that we gave them away to friends and neighbors. Hopefully, I’ll be…


Fall Bucket List

With fall officially here, I’m so ready to tick off a few things from this bucket list. I like to write things down because the months and seasons fly by. Nothing worse than getting to the end of the season and realizing that I forgot to do half of the things I planned. Some of these…


Ashley Brooke Designs Giveaway

Are you guys in the mood for new stationery and desk accessories? Even though I got the initial “itch” for new pencils and notepads in August, I kept things under control. That is, until I reorganized my entire desk and took an inventory of what I actually needed. (And, naturally, that list includes a few just-for-fun things as well.)

Ashley Brooke Designs has long been one of my favorite destinations for fun stationery and paper products. Her latest collection is hands down her best one yet.


On My Radar

Is everyone excited that it’s officially fall? The days are shorter, and the temps are dropping, and the leaves are changing. (Well at least it’s chilly in the morning… and then it’s 90 degrees by lunch, ha.) I switched over my closet to my fall/winter wardrobe and started to get excited about all my plaids and flannels…