Cold Weather

Hats for Fall

This summer I really embraced the hat trend. I think I loved them for a few solid reasons. One, I have a huge forehead, so anything that covers that up a bit is gold. Two, they’re great when you want to skip a hair wash day (guilty) or if the weather (humidity/rain) is going to be an issue. And three, they add a certain chicness to pretty much any outfit. So a win/win/win as far as I’m concerned.

When summer ended, I was sad to have to put away my summer hats until next year. But I’ve been on the hunt for great fall options.


What Size LL Bean Boat and Tote to Get

Admittedly, I went a little crazy with LL Bean Boat and Totes a few weeks ago. I went to buy one and ended up with three. One of the bags I bought was a mistake and I had to correct it, but since I had it monogrammed… I was stuck with it. Totally fine because…


On My Radar

This was a great week. I squeezed in as much as I possibly could, including a few yoga classes and a tennis lesson. One of the highlights of the week though was getting to meet Alli Webb, the founder of DryBar!!! She just wrote a book detailing how to get perfect blowouts at home and…


Page Turning Books

Reading is probably one of my favorite hobbies. I crave quiet moments during the day when I can read a few pages. Train rides into the city and 20 minutes before bed are the best I can do right now. (My dream would be to go on a vacation for a week without a phone…


Apple Picking Round 2

Cold Weather

Fall Classics (update)

So I wanted to an update of my fall classics post, but… not much has changed! I still stand, 2000% behind that post. Which actually makes me pretty proud. Three years have gone by and trends have come and gone, but those pieces still remain staples. They’re still what I reach for consistently throughout these fall months. I’m going to do a little update with a few tweaks.


5 Things That Will Totally Help You Chill Out

I’m pinning this for my reference later. Sometimes I think when things are feeling like they’re falling apart or, you know, hitting the fan, I find that I’m so focused on what’s going wrong that I don’t have time to think clearly. And when I’m not thinking clearly, I’m not keeping things in perspective. LOVE these…


Riding Boots for Every Budget

I’ve had my riding boots for eight years, and they keep getting better with every passing season. I love that I have never had to replace them and that they’re timeless. I think that they’re something worth investing in, especially if you fall in love with a pair. But I do understand that everyone has different budgets. There are some super adorable options out there no matter what you end up spending.


Martha Stewart American Made Giveaway

I was invited to go to Martha Stewart’s American Made summit next weekend. Unfortunately I cannot attend, but I’m giving away two bronze-level tickets here! If you’re in New York City (or nearby), this is definitely an amazing opportunity! You can learn more about the event here. The speaker line up looks amazing: Martha (of…