What I Read in April

Not my best reading month in terms of numbers. If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s because I’ve really opted to just sit in bed and needlepoint and watch TV. (I brought an old TV upstairs a couple of weeks ago and hooked up the Apple TV to it… turns out it’s just as terrible as…


Security Blankets

This post is basically a giant love letter to quilts, which are the ultimate security blanket. My mom used to make quilts and my sister and I had a small collection of special ones she had made. And there were quilts and blankets in I’m pretty sure every single room. I always had a couple in…

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Quarantine Q&A

I feel like I have done a Q&A somewhat recently, though it was pre-everything so it kind of feels like a different lifetime ago? Let’s jump right into the questions. (I asked these on Instagram!) Sweater // Jeans  Do you think you’ll have a different outlook on life or your industry after COVID-19? I think…


Stripes for Days

I’m starting this post with an embarrassing story. While external work stuff has slowed quite a bit, it hasn’t completely ended. I still have calls about potential partnerships, my management team and I text/email constantly, and there are various touch-point meetings to go over briefs and campaign deliverables and what not. This isn’t new…. they’re…

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gift ideas

Mother’s Day Flowers

I was so excited when FTD reached out to me about collaborating on a bouquet for Mother’s Day. I’ve been trying to be very selective about who I’m partnering with during this time and a bouquet for Mother’s Day felt just right. I waived my partnership fees and I’m donating the 20% I receive of…


Diary No. 30

Another two weeks in the books. Sharing some snaps from my iPhone. We have had a couple of really gorgeous weekends. Not super warm, but nice enough to sit outside and enjoy the sun. When we bought the house we knew the backyard was going to need a lot of work and right now we’re…


On My Radar

This week was a major rollercoaster. Well, to be fair, it’s felt like a rollercoaster for the past two months, but this week was up and down by the hour. I definitely had my “worst” day since the first week this all went down. I went to bed feeling panicky (I may have Googled “is…


Sephora Sale

The Sephora sale started a bit ago and just opened up for all Insiders. I don’t spend enough money on beauty products throughout the year to get higher status. (Though, I think I may have one year when I lived walking distance to Sephora and I would go there for everything, including “pick me ups.”)…



Two Player Games

Mike and I are both very competitive but in a good spirited kind of way. With the exception of one UNO game gone bad on Nantucket (which I will never play with him again 😂), we both love to roll up our sleeves and duke it out with a good game. This is NOT an…

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