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Tips From a First Year Blogger (Guest Post by Maxie)

When Maxie first told me she wanted to start a blog, I turned into a giant cheerleader. If anyone should be blogging, it’s Maxie. (I love love love her advice!) Sometimes it’s hard to get into the rhythm of blogging and even more so, sticking with it. So proud of Maxie for hitting the one year…


Stay In Touch (Guest post by Maxie)

So pretty much everyone knows that Maxie and I are great friends. (And if you didn’t know… you know now!) But the thing is that we really rarely get to see each other. Even when we worked at the same company, she worked remotely from the west coast. And yet, I talked (and still do talk)…



It’s a BIG day for my amazing friend… Maxie has launched her new website!!!  It only takes one second of knowing Maxie to know Maxie, but if you haven’t had the chance to meet her yet… start here! Bam. So. So. So. Proud of Maxie.  xoxo PS You can catch up with all of Maxie’s guest…


Why You Should Travel Abroad Alone

I’m really, really excited to have Maxie guest posting. Maxie is one of “my people.” She’s an all around star… seriously, she’s someone who walks into a room and radiates amazingness. (And not just because she’s tall and has bright red hair.) I heard about Maxie before I met her and everyone– absolutely everyone– raved about her….


Au Naturale

One of the cool things about Levo League is that we have chapters of #LocalLEVO groups around the country (well actually, world). Maxie is the Community Manager and rocks. Unfortunately, she spends most of her time in California and/or flying back and forth around the country launching in new cities. So it’s extra special when she’s…


3 Tips to Tease Like a Boss

Maxie is the queen of texas hair. I was laughing so hard when I opened the google document with the blog post draft. (Well, first I was confused and a bit worried… Teasing can mean many things, you see. Ha.) The funniest thing about Maxie is that she always has her extra-special hair brush at the…


How to Actually Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I love my comfort zone– leaving it makes me queasy. For better or for worse, though, it’s necessary for growth. Maxie and I have both supported each other (and been there for each other) as we ventured outside of our comfort zones. If you’re ready for a change or need a little push to get yourself to your next level, Maxie’s tips can help get you there.

Talk about a Maxie Monday Motivation