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Over the years I’ve used a number of different Bible reading plans. The following one is quite possibly the best you’ll ever come across so I’m excited to share it with you along with some Free Downloads.

Whether you’re a uni student, work long hours, or have contract work that ebbs and flows, this plan will adapt to your schedule.

There’s no set quota to ‘catch up on’ and you can read as much or as little as you want to each day which makes it perfect for… anyone really.

Simply read your desired portion for the day, pop in a bookmark and return to the same passage on the same day the following week.

The brilliance of this plan is also that it’ll have you reading from different sections of the New and Old Testament while allowing you to read more frequently though the New Testament.

I first heard about this plan years ago from one of my favourite Bible teachers, Robert Fergusson. As I sat in a Conference session, Robert mentioned the way he did his devotions during his message and the concept captured my attention.

At the time I scribbled down what I heard, then later Googled in a detective-like manner filling in the blanks of this intriguing Bible Reading Plan.

I did pull some info from the trusty internet, but more recently I asked Robert’s permission to share the plan. He explained he’d borrowed it from someone else many years ago so was more than happy to pass it on. So from him to me, to you. So here goes.

Here goes.

Bible Reading Plan and Journaling method by Robert Fergusson:

Monday: Genesis – 2 Samuel
Tuesday: Matthew, Mark, Luke
Wednesday: 1 Kings – Song of Solomon (excl. Psalms)
Thursday: John, Acts and Revelation
Friday: Isaiah – Malachi
Saturday: Romans to Jude
Sunday: Psalms

Each morning, in my ‘place of speaking,’ I open my Bible, turn to my daily portion, read as much or as little as time or circumstances allow (with a minimum of one chapter), mark the place where I finish and return to the passage the following week. This system encourages reading from both Testaments and so ensures variety, but also enables me to focus more on the New Testament.

After I have read my Bible, I journal my thoughts each day. On one side of the journal (personal), I write out a verse, my thoughts on that verse and a prayer. On the other side of the journal (public), I write a sermon idea or outline based on my daily reading and also two confessions of gratitude.

-Robert Fergusson

My Experience

This method allows for the ebb and flow of life. It’s a stark contrast to ‘Read the Bible in a Year’ plans which have often have us overwhelmed by mass catch up or stuck in obscure sections. During different seasons we have more or less time to read and this plan gives space for that.

Last tip: if you’re finding your Bible reading is a little tired, invest in a new Bible. A different translation can often freshen things up.

Here’s the link to the free Free Bible devotional and the link to the Bible Reading Plan for phone. The iBooks app to makes it easily accessible. Alternatively, you can purchase the bookmarks in full-colour print here.

Free easy bible reading plan
Bible Reading Plan for Phone


Best devotional busy people
Printable Bookmark Set







Give it a go and let me know what you think.

In a later blog, I’ll be sharing some information about a devotional approach called Lectico Divina that Robert made reference to. Subscribe to be sure you don’t miss my next post.

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    1. Thanks Lauren, I love it too. Been using this plan on and off for year but thanks to Leigh now I have a pretty copy 🙂

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