First Day Outfits

There’s nothing worse than the combination of knowing school is about to start and knowing summer is about to end.  The one thing that always gets me through it, however, is picking out an FDO.
FDOs are a big deal in my book.  You can see some more FDO ideas from last year and read a really embarrassing story in this post.
So I put together three different looks for that first day back in the classroom.  Each of the outfits are great for different reasons, yet they are all really easy and simple to wear.  (That is to say, they take the same amount of energy to put on as Nike running shorts….. no excuses ladies!)


From left to right:

The first FDO is definitely the easiest and most comfortable.  If you were out, um, celebrating the end of summer the night before, no worries.  Wearing a simple and easy dress already looks put together with little extra effort.  And the loafers?  Perfect preppy touch.

Get the look:



The second FDO is a little more dressy and might possibly be too warm for many hotter climates.  But here’s the thing: I think classrooms are ALWAYS freezing.  Something about making our brains work a little better (anyone watch that Law & Order SVU episode???).  It’s so so so tempting to grab a big sweatshirt, I know.  A blazer (or even a cardigan) will give you warmth during Econ 101 and a more tailored, structured look.

Get the look:

Finally, the third FDO is perfect for squeezing in the last few days worth of white pants before Labor Day.  That is, of course, if you follow the old rule… I think more and more it’s being ignored, which I don’t mind at all (#longlivewhitejeans).  The chambray shirt is loose and comfortable.  Roll up the sleeves and make a great stack with jewelry filled with summer memories.  (Boat shoes are great for long walks- er, runs- across campus to get to class on time.)
Get the look:
What’s your FDO?

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I wore white jeans on my first day for the exact reason that I wanted to squeeze in as many wares before labor day! You will have to post your FDO outfit for us 🙂

xx Emily @


FDO's are very important in my book as well! I haven't put together my outfit yet, but one of my favorite combo's that never fails is skinny jeans, boat shoes, and a button-up shirt with rolled sleeves.

Annica Benning

I love these, but they are all WAY too hot for Arizona! It's been shorts, a tshirt, and jacks for me the past few days. Great for fall though 🙂


My high school has a uniform, so unfortunately I can't really testify to a first day outfit. That J. Crew dress is really cute, though!

K-pop Panda

I love the outfits! Especially the third. I really admire your style. Its classy and sophisticated, and that is such a rarity in this day and age. In preparation for University life in the fall, I am updating my wardrobe with preppy clothing inspired by this blog. In short, your blog is awesome! Keep it up!! =