Five for Friday

It’s been a long week. Everything has been taking a toll on me lately! Little sleep, lots of work, high stress! I’ve been embarking on the “job hunt.” Cue the scary music. Actually, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it was going to be. Those cover letters are a little tricky.
With everything that’s been going on, I thought it would be a fun post to do the top five things helping me get through!
I love my gold/white polka dot watch. It’s all sorts of fun. I just get so happy when I look down at my wrist, especially when I’m typing up a storm on my computer. Woo! The only problem is that I want all the colors…… like the yellow one.
draw something
This app is driving me crazy. I forget about it and use it for a mini distraction. Sometimes I need a break, but don’t have time to really take one. Spending three minutes drawing a stupid picture is perfect. I think it’s hilarious when I have no clue what California Funk is drawing… sometimes he does a great job drawing, but I don’t know it at all!
[I accidentally tweeted my username… but if you know what I’m playing under, please don’t request a game. I’d honestly love to play a game with everyone but I signed in that night and there were too many games to play! I felt terrible quitting every game!!!!]
My go-to outfit recently. Layering a sweater over makes me feel like I actually took time to get ready in the morning. In reality, it took two minutes. Seriously something about wearing a collared shirt that screams effort (with very little actual effort required).
Okay…. random. I have been downloading meditation apps and podcasts. No idea if it’s actually working or not, but it seems to be. It could be a placebo effect or the fact that I listen to it at 2am… but I wake up and it’s hours later with my headphones still in. I definitely feel more relaxed.

This is along the same lines as the oxford shirts. Perfect way to look like you took some time with your morning outfit choice. Plus, the bright color is just so springy. Unfortunately, DC weather has turned chilly once again. (So unpredictable.) Wearing colored denim is like the spring version of the chino shorts. Love it!

What’s on your Friday Five list?


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Miss Janice

Lord, I keep hearing about this "Draw Something" but I don't have time to get into one more single thing…'cuz I'm too busy tweeting and tumbling! By the way, I'm in the market for orange denim, please tweet me if you see any:)


Lots of great items! I'm huge on meditation, especially during stressful times- Even though I'm horrible at it! I can't seem to stop my mind from wondering… Google meditation room, I use it a lot.

Jasper & Bee

Right now, a long nap is on the top of my list. I am looking forward to spending a quiet night at home tonight! (And probably online shopping, the dress in your JCREW ad to my right looks adorable.)

I have a question for you: what fields are you interested in exploring post-graduation? (I know, i know, scary question! I'm just wondering, with all your blog/magazine/etc. expertise, where you imagine yourself if you could do anything…


I love how button downs look so put together! Draw Something is the best, haha; yet another outlet for me to waste time.