Girls’ Weekend in Boston!

This weekend was so fun. Mackenzie, Emily, Amy, and I went to Boston for the Head of the Charles and made a whole girls’ weekend out of it. I loved being back around rowing (as a spectator…) and seeing so many of my old teammates from college and high school.
Boston in general was too fun. We enjoyed the most beautiful weather; I don’t think it could have even been a tiny bit better. Everything was perfect. (Get ready for a picture overload…)
The most fun group of girls. So much laughing. There were moments when I was quite literally on the ground from laughing so hard.
Emily and I in our matching bean boots. We borrowed Little V’s most adorable puppies Charlotte and Eloise for the picture. 
Kiel and Sarah were working, but we caught up with them by the Brooks Brothers tent and stole them away for a little bit. It’s fun to have everyone together in one spot!

It was so great to meet so many readers too! I loved it 🙂
I rode a tandem bike with a rower from Harvard. Not going to lie, I need a tandem bike now. It was really fun. 
We had a blast Saturday night (isn’t that what weekend trips with girlfriends are for?!) and then explored Boston on Sunday. The best part? My best friend lives in Boston!! We hardly ever see each other, so we jump at any opportunity to get together. We’re the kinds of friends where we can simply pick right up where we left off. 
We’ve literally been friends since we were four when my family moved next door to her family in Massachusetts. Our families are super close and even though we moved away when I was eight, we all still remain friends! (My mom makes a point to tell me every time she’s talked to Laura– Nicole’s mom– which is frequent.) We’re trying to plan a reunion!

Janelle is Nicole’s sister– they live together in Boston. So much fun! Janelle always seemed so mature when we were little and my sister seemed so young. Poor Janelle and Stacy dealt with our shenanigans. Now we’re all in our twenties and it’s great how we’re all amazing friends together. (Isn’t that funny how it works out?)

Ahhh… I love traveling with friends. It’s so fun to get out of the city and explore new places and just sort of click “pause” on Real Life for a couple of days. I brought my laptop (ABC=always bring computer), but I didn’t bring it out of my bag once. I didn’t even touch my email. Although, this morning was an extra slow start and took a bit to really warm back up to working.
If there’s a such thing as too much fun… we certainly went looking for it this weekend and still didn’t find it!
How was your weekend?

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Courtney Elizabeth

This looks so fun! Even though I've been in DC for years, I haven't made it up to Boston – but it's on my list! I must know – what leggings/pants are you wearing in those last pictures? Thanks!

Fairy Princess Jord

Your weekend looks soo soo perfect! You look so adorable in every picture and little v's dogs are the cutest! Glad you were able to have such a wonderful girls' weekend!!!


When I was actually IN college, I had no idea that HOCR was such a big deal if you weren't actually competing…it was just something somewhat cool to watch out of my dorm room window (I was RIGHT on the river on Memorial Drive). Now it seems to be like the Carolina Cup of the North! And I want to go back.


It sounds like such a perfect weekend, you're making me want to go and explore Boston. I hope your week is not too stressful and you are able to find some time to relax. xx


I am actually planning a trip to Boston for my spring break right now! I went this past summer, but I definitely didn't spend enough time up there.Your pictures made me even more excited to go.

Julia D.

I absolutely LOVE Boston and am so jealous that you got to visit. It looks like such a fun trip and the picture of you reuniting with your best friend is absolutely precious!