Guide to Light Sweaters

The temperature actually feels pretty nice here in New York City. Coming from Florida where the “Feels Like” temperature was tipping into three-digits, I feel like fall is basically here. But, of course, we’re not quite there yet.
In the meantime, and as we move into early fall, I will be layering like it’s my job. Sometimes when temperatures are supposed to be cooler, the sun will be extra bright and a simple three-block walk turns into a sweaty nightmare. Or, when temperatures are supposed to be warm, the wind will pick up or a room will be overly air conditioned.
Enter ‘The Light Sweater.’
The Light Sweater is an article of clothing that just about woman needs. (I would argue that even men need some kind of ‘Light Sweater’ in their closets.) It’s the type of sweater that can be layered over a camisole, polo shirt, long sleeved shirt, t-shirt, dress, and button up/down. It can be worn to work, class, or run errands in. It looks great with skirts, shorts, and pants.
Versatility is key here.
My criteria: 3/4 sleeve, vivid color, long-ish torso length, easy buttons, the right weight.
I have a few sweaters that fit this criteria like some from Banana Republic, Target, and Old Navy. But my favorite by far is the Jackie Cardigan from J. Crew. I have a serious obsession with these sweaters, and I know (for a fact) that I am not the only one. I’ve seen a handful of Instagrams from my friends’ (both bloggers and IRL friends) Jackie collections.
Here are a few suggestions on how to style “The Jackie”:
What’s your pick for a light sweater? Have you tried the Jackie? How would you style it?

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