Hey, It’s OK!

I love these!!!  Unfortunately, it takes me a long time before I can come up with ten different ones (ones that I am willing to share that is!!!), so I can’t post as frequently as I wish!  I think they are always quirky and show funny personality traits 🙂
  1. To politely tell someone to turn off the volume of her Angry Birds game on her iPad in a waiting room.  It’s worth the uncomfortable 30 seconds of asking for the 30 minutes of quiet.
  2. To draft tweets to someone with no intention of ever sending them!
  3. To turn your phone off and pretend like it’s 1995.  If you need me, you can page me.
  4. To write therapeutic blog posts in a Word document.  It’s our generation’s version of a diary.
  5. To be jealous of someone else’s wardrobe… and to use it as inspiration for your own.
  6. To know every single line from Barbie: A Perfect Christmas (from babysitting…) and for the catchy song to be stuck in your head for three days straight.
  7. To watch Google Analytics Real Time like it’s television.
  8. To tell yourself that a guy will never ever distract you… and then be distracted by one for a month.
  9. To be both totally ready and totally not ready to graduate.
  10. To insist on getting a short skinny vanilla latte daily.
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11. To pass time watching episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives… we all have our guilty pleasures! 😉 🙂

Prep International

I love these too 🙂

I've got two:

to pretend you are on your phone when you see someone you are trying to avoid.

to spend all your free time on blogger, facebook, and tumbler 🙂


Heck yeah, it's ok to ask someone to turn their volume off…that game is irritating to listen to at anytime, why would you ever want the volume on when playing?


I am 100% with you on a TON of these.. #9 especially! 4 months until graduation, oh my goodness!

Hey it's ok to…

…paint your nails 3+ times a week… sometimes being a perfectionist can be a job!



Hey, It’s OK!

I love Glamour, and I love These Happy Miles 🙂
I was laughing really hard at Christine’s latest “Hey, It’s OK!” post because some of the things are so me.  (For example, I have an embarrassing tendency to accidentally say, “Bye, love you” when hanging up the phone… for everyone.)
Hey, It’s OK…
  1. To pretend that Pandora is really a mix tape that a boy gave you…
  2. To use the floor as a desk when your actual desk isn’t big enough.
  3. To subsist on coffee because it’s too cold to go outside.
  4. To want to find a football player for a boyfriend just because you’re obsessed with Friday Night Lights.
  5. To register for your last semester of classes and be really, really, really excited about it.
  6. To read Harry Potter all weekend long instead of going out.
  7. To change a contact in your phone to “Do Not Text” and another to “Do Not Pick Up”
  8. To carry around a pro/con list of why I should/shouldn’t get an iPad
  9. To have a countdown until Thanksgiving break in your planner.
  10. To consider chapstick makeup and call it a day!

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Yes! I have to stop myself from saying "bye, love you", all the time! It gets especially awkward when it's to co-workers 🙂


I have a countdown for Thanksgiving break too… I'm very excited to go home and have dinner with my entire family and go shopping on Black Friday!

And for the iPad…definitely get one! I LOVE mine.

xo M


These are great! Number 4 accurately describes my life at the moment…true or false i watched all 5 seasons in under 3 weeks… (true)
xo Elena (

Kylie G.

I love lists like this. In fact, this is a good idea for one of my RA bulletin boards that I have to make.
Also, the iPad is a fantastic investment, especially for a business student. I regret leaving my iPad at home (I thought I wouldn't need it because I have a computer), but it's perfectly portable, and when you are talking to someone in a meeting you don't cut off half of their face with a laptop screen. Also, they're extremely fun.