I haven’t taken proper photos in a while. I feel very rusty and I’m trying to get comfortable again in front of the camera! Part of the problem is that I haven’t had too many clothing items that have really made me feel good. It’s hard to muster up the energy during nap times when I put on clothes and don’t feel 100%. But this dress? I feel great in it.

It’s Hill House’s Lily dress. I was thrilled when they announced this new silhouette. You guys know how much I love my nap dresses, but I wore them so frequently last summer while pregnant that I’m not sure I’m super excited about wearing them again for a while. (Does that happen to anyone else?! I was wearing one almost every day towards the end…. and right after giving birth too.)

The Lily dress looked like my “dream dress” on paper and I was crossing my fingers that I felt the same way when I tried it on. Happy to report that yes. It is a beautiful, beautiful dress!!!!

The Lily dress is nearly perfect. I’ve been struggling so much with dresses lately. I feel like so much of what’s out there right now just isn’t very me. (Like where have all the classic, simple dresses gone?!)

Here’s what I love about the dress:

The length is perfect. The silhouette is perfect. There’s a hidden snap at the waist for a perfect fit. I love that the belt is removable and adjustable so you can style it in a few different ways. The sleeves hit the perfect spot and I love the little cuff. It can be dressed up or down– seriously this would work with sneakers for a farmer’s market run, over a bathing suit, and even in some offices for work. Most importantly, I really do feel amazing in it!

I have one mini-issue and two things I’d change:

The dress is linen. While linen is incredibly beautiful, it is high maintenance and this linen is particularly hard to iron. I usually steam my clothing, but the wrinkles didn’t budge with steam and even after I ironed it, some of the wrinkles are still there. But it is linen and that is to be expected….

One easy thing I wish the dress had was a hidden snap at the chest. There is a mini snap at the waist and it would have been great to have it near the bust as well. And I wish the navy read a little more navy– in certain light it looks more of a royal blue than navy. But these are two small things.

The silhouette is so perfect and I feel like Hill House could really run with it and release it in a bunch of different fabrics. I would love to see it in a black cotton, for sure. And I think it’d be darling in a gingham check and stripe.

Here it is with the the sash in the front and the bow tied in the back.

For sizing, I think this runs big. I’m wearing the XS, but I’d say I’m a size small right now from J. Crew if that’s helpful. I purchased both the small and the XS because I wasn’t sure, but the small too big even with the belt.

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Oh what a gorgeous color! That is too bad that it doesn’t work well for us bustier girls. Why designers don’t put hidden snaps or something to address bustline gaps, I don’t know. Are these dresses designed by men?! A beautiful silhouette, though!


Very cute dress. I am with you. Why are dresses so fussy now? Everything has ruffles and flounces and patterns and I need less. Great find!


That dress looks great on you. I totally get the ironing/wrinkles situation and that is exactly why I did not buy when it came out. Hopefully the brand will come out with a better fabric in that dress that is easier to care for…

Deborah Flanagan

Love the dress, but couldn’t put up with the wrinkles. What steamer do you recommend?


This is the one I’m currently using. I actually find myself getting a new one every couple of years because they don’t last forever? Still hunting for a PERFECT one, I guess!


This is indeed a beautiful dress! Love the silhouette and great photos, as usual!


Hi Carly! I saw HH released this dress in a few patterns. Did you get more? Would love to see pictures or hear your thoughts! The dress intrigues me in the midnight pattern!

Katherine Miller

I ended up getting this dress and it’s one of my hill house faves! I work as an attorney and it’s one of few I can actually wear to work!