HuffPost Live with Meesh

My mom (aka Meesh) and I will be on HuffPost Live this afternoon at 5pm EST. We’ll be talking about realizing that we’re turning into our mothers. HA! (It’s scary how much I am my mom…)
Are you turning your mother?

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Love the picture with the elbow patches! Precious! I'm definitely my mom in some ways, though we are different in a lot of ways as well. I'm a pretty even mix mom, dad and my own person I would say!!


I lost my mom at the early age of 19, but I am always surprised at how much I am like her, even though its been a very long time since she was alive. Enjoy the similarities and the time you have together! It is precious! You have a beautiful mom and are so lucky to have her in your life. 🙂

Julia D.

I lost my mom a year ago at the age of 20 and can totally relate. My mom was (and is) a beautiful spirit and I was blessed to have her in my life for as long as I did. It is an honour to ever be compared to her.

You and your mother seem to have such a special relationship, Carly. Cherish it.


Wauw this is so cute! As my daughter gets older we spend more and more mother/daughter time and it's so cute to see how she tries to look like 'mommy'.


I loved the interview! I have known your mother since college and you for your entire life-you two are very much alike, facial expressions, sayings, habits, body language, and many other traits. Love you both.

Tara Louise

oh my gosh I am 100% becoming my mom – sometimes things come out of my mouth that I swear I've heard her say before!


I notice more and more things everyday that are similar between my mom and me. 🙂 So grateful to wear the same size so we basically share closets! She is definitely my best friend.