jeune belle

A girl that I’ve known since she was in Pre-K just opened a shop on Etsy called Jeune Belle. My sister got my mom one of the canvases for Mother’s Day and I think it’s so special and perfect. I must say that I am an okay painter, but I’m terrible at letters. (I have a difficult time writing the letter S with a pencil let alone a paintbrush!)
Amelia does an amazing job with quotations, colors, and the lettering!!! I emailed her asking for more samples… I was only going to showcase a few but I couldn’t narrow down my favorites!


This is what my sister got my mom! I love the quote from Love You Forever. Such a classic children’s book… even thinking about it makes me tear up 😉

Fun letters… maybe for a dorm room!

Oh, Sporty Sister and I could not get enough of this infinity! I think it’s beautiful.

One of my favorite proverbs.

I just love this!
Cool, right?

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I love those! I can't wait to order some-thanks for sharing! I Love You Forever was and still is my favorite children's book ever.

Julia D.

These are absolutely stunning. There's nothing I love more than an inspirational quote displayed in a beautiful way. I just may have to buy one (or more!) of these for my new house!