Kate Spade | 789 Madison

Oh my word! I was invited to a sneak peek of the new Kate Spade store on the Upper East Side. I’ve been to every Kate Spade store in NYC (ugh, so guilty here), but this one knocks the socks off of all the other ones.
Every single detail was thought through. If you’re planning on going, you must carve out a bunch of time to go through the entire store. Nooks and crannies are filled with just the most perfect touches that are oh so Kate Spade.
Hugo Guinness prints, old records, confetti… the works!
My favorite part? Every single everything has the perfect little bows everywhere. Even the floors! Oh, and this is not just any bow… the signature Kate Spade bow.
Warning, this post is going to be pretty photo intensive. I tried to choose the top pictures, but I was having a hard time to eliminate any! My poor iPhone memory is pretty much filled the max with pictures from the store.
Each dressing room is perfectly styled. The mirrors even have little messages!!! I was loving the bow wallpaper and the book covers!
Oh, hey there Deborah Lloyd!

The whole store has “Cha Cha Cha” record covers everywhere. I love these in particular because my monogram is “CHA”… so yeah. Cha. Cha. Cha. Oh and those shoes with the neon accents? I NEED. Maybe two is excessive…. should I go with the Ibe Heel or the Lou Heel?
Luckily the store is right in my neighborhood… I will be there every weekend. You can count on that.

PS Shop some of the Kate Spade signature bow pieces below:

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ah!! so lovely 🙂 the only kate spade store i've been to was in asia but i covet everything on their site pretty regularly! so jealous you got to visit 🙂


I'm so envious! I would love to go and just spend hours staring at everything! It's so gorgeous!