Kate Spade Fall 2012

The Kate Spade Fall 2012 presentation was pretty amazing.  It’s more than safe to say that I definitely want (need?) almost everything in the collection.
“A play on prints, mixing abstract patterns with dreamy watercolors and polka dots of every proportion”
-Deborah Lloyd

Loving Garance Doré‘s illustrations!

A dictionary clutch?  Yes, please.  And the inside had the cutest black and white print.  It was so realistic looking; I’m sure you’d turn a few heads using this as a clutch!

Did I mention that I was totally inspired to get bangs???

all the girls are mad

This red dress was my absolute favorite.  Super cute in the front… even cuter in the back!

Mackenzie and me outside.

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Kate Spaaade<3 Wonderful "back-stage" pics, thanks! 🙂 Please, come out and take a look @ my blog? IT would mean the WORLD to me if you followed.. 🙂

Best Wishes from, Classic+Glam


Wow! Love these pictures! They all look SUPER cute! How cool is that dictionary? Also, how did you get into this sneak preview?? Let me know! Thanks! 😉