Key Chain

The door to my room locks automatically… and it a major source of stress for me.  Locking myself out of my room is a legitimate fear of mine.  Especially if I’m heading to the shower or it’s really early/late (when the residence hall office is closed).
I am extra paranoid when I’m walking out of my room.  I have to double triple check that my key is either in my pocket or my wallet before I exit the doorway.  And even when the door comes swinging closed, I have a death grip on the key to reassure myself I won’t get locked out.
(As I write this, I’m particularly nervous that I’m jinxing myself…)
This is the key chain I have.  It’s a little enamel Lilly Pulitzer shift dress!  (Confession: I definitely found it in one of my sister’s drawers and stole it.)
I haven’t been able to find another version or even a super similar Lilly one online, but I did pull a few of my favorites:
I have always been a fan of the Smathers and Branson needlepoint key fobs, but I love that this Etsy store sells kits so you can make and personalize your own.

Naturally, I’m loving the simple gold Kate Spade bow key chain!  Definitely check out the other key chains that Kate Spade has… so cute!

The vineyard vines key chains are the most similar to the Lilly shift dress one that I have.  I kind of LOVE the baby tote!

What kind of key chain do you have?

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Taylor Gene

I have a Vera Bradley lanyard in mocha rouge, but I've been eyeing up the vv tote key chain! I am waiting to get it for when I'm tired of and absolutely hate the lanyard lol.


I have an old bell that my college roommate brought me back from Switzerland. The painting has since worn off. I bought three of those needlepoint kits over Christmas as my first project-Love them!


I use a little card holder that has a keychain attached…that way I can always have my ID and room key together!


I use a small silver turtle (its legs move!) that I got from another country that I recently went to! It reminds me of the fun times I had there! It's simple and not overbearing!


I used to keep my car keys on a Juicy Couture robot key fob, but it tarnished and took a beating fairly quickly. I've been using a Vera Bradley zip ID wallet in Tea Garden. It's really convenient for keeping my spare ID and emergency cash!

The Aly Way

honest to goodness, my sister just took back my (her) favorite key chain! It was a turquoise rhinestone flour-de-lis with a carmel rhinestone band. Looking for a new on now, thanks for the recommendations!
~aly @ TheAlyWay


Longchamp has a cute little mini le pliage keychain. I like it because it's a great mixture of classic and fun!


Jonathan Adler has some really cute enamel key chains like the ones you showed! You can find them on lifeguard press! Also LL Bean has mini bean boot key chains that are pretty cute, too!