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Paris & I have been super busy getting ready for the launch of Sweet Lemon Magazine.  We can’t even contain ourselves with how exciting everything is.  It’s a ton of work, but it’s definitely a lot of fun too.
Sweet Lemon is on Twitter too!  You can mention @sweetlemonmag and use #whenlifegivesyoulemons
Soccer Mom and I are really into lemons because of the magazine and see lemons now wherever we go. Currently, we’ve been busy in the kitchen whipping up some lemon recipes.  (The series was put on hold due to the pink eye, but we’ll pick back up with more recipes/pictures next week!)
I did a post on Cake Pops a few weeks ago, but I thought I’d do a picture post step-by-step.  Some people are saying they’re hard to make, but I think they’re pretty simple.  The hardest part for me is getting over the fact that my fingers are going to get a little messy.
First you bake a cake.  Obviously we went with lemon cake for the Lemon theme!  We baked the cake the night before.

For a smooth consistency of the crumbles, peel off the top layer of cake.
Let’s get ready to….

Crumble!!!  This is my least favorite part because it’s quite messy.  (I took the pictures while Soccer Mom crumbled!)  You just take a square of cake and rub it between your hands.

It looks like sand (and feels like a cloud) when it’s all said and done.

Next, take 3/4 of the icing tub and mix it in with the crumbles.
Then you just form the balls.  Let the balls sit in the freezer for 15 minutes before dipping them in the chocolate.
Prepare the chocolate.  We use the bags of chocolate disks from Michaels.  For the yellow chocolate, we did 1 bag of yellow and 1 bag of white to tone down the super brightness of the yellow.  Kind of gross, but add some Crisco to thin out the chocolate!
After 15 minutes, and once you’ve melted the chocolate, you’re ready to dip!  We did cake pops and cake balls.  
(We didn’t get pictures of the cake balls dipping process because you have to move really quickly.  Take the chocolate in the bowl and drop the cake ball into it.  Use a spoon to cover it completely and roll it off the spoon onto a wax papered tray to harden.)

For the cake pops, you take a stick and dip it into the chocolate.  Then push the stick into the cake ball.  (This helps the stick adhere to the cake ball!)
We put the chocolate in a cup for pops and find it’s much easier for dipping.  Dip the cake ball on a stick in the chocolate and roll around until it’s completely covered.

Remove and stick into Styrofoam to dry.  Sprinkle with sprinkles (quickly as the chocolate hardens fast). 

We rushed through them since they were just for around the house and Sporty Sister’s friends.  But if you take your time with the dipping, they all come out super smooth and perfect!


Here are the cake balls.
(PS How cute are the miniature cake stands???)

And a cake pop!

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Yum! Cake pops are really hot in the baking world right now, and they look so easy to make. Thanks for the great tutorial, I'm super excited for Sweet Lemon Mag!

Morgan Anne

I have made these several times before and they are so yummy! My favorite is the lemon though, because the tartness offsets the overpowering sweet flavor!


ps. sorry for deleting my last post! I hate misspellings!

Silly Girl

if you're still in a lemony mood, you should try a Pink Lemonade Cake. It is so so good, especially in the summer time when its so hot out!


LOVE the lemon…they look so yummy! i made red velvet/chocolate icing cake pops for my friends graduation last week and they were a hit!