Lifeguard Press Review

I love Lifeguard Press… and I love reviewing products on the blog! Every time they send me a new items, it feels like Christmas morning. This time was no different.
Check out some of the other things I’ve reviewed in the past:
(Also, a little secret… we’re giving away something fun at the end of the month!)
I stash earbuds everywhere. I have a few in my nightstand, one in my pencil pouch, one in my desk, and a few that float between totes and purses. These Jonathan Adler ones are by far the cutest though!!! I need to use the kind of earbuds that go IN your ear because the other kind hurts. These came with different sized “buds” so you can find the one that fits your ears the best. It also has a cord wrapper thingamajig, which I think is just brilliant. (And can we talk about how cute the design is??? It matches my current Kate Spade iPhone case perfectly.) 

Oh, I was super excited about this! I have a folding Tory Burch portfolio case which is great for traveling, but if I’m just heading to class or the dining hall, I don’t need the big case. I use a little laptop sleeve to transport the iPad, but I always get super worried about scratching the back! This cover fits the iPad like a glove. It also has a good texture and cleans off easily. I do wish that my smart cover would snap on the side still, but it’s not a make it or break it for me.

All of the other “slots” are kept open.

I have been wanting one of these forever! When I go to class, I only bring my large Longchamp tote. During the winter, I’d normally just keep my phone in a pocket of my coat. Now that it’s spring, however, I didn’t really know what to do with my iPhone until now! This tech case is brilliant.
I love that there’s a pouch to carry some cash and a few cards.

Thanks Lifeguard Press!!!
Don’t forget to stay tuned for the giveaway at the end of April.

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Emily Wagman

I just bought the tech case over the weekend and I love it! I'm constantly terrified of scratching/cracking my new iPhone ever since I cracked my old one, and the case makes sure that doesn't happen, and it's super cute! What's not to love?


I've been wanting those earbuds, but I'm not sure if I should invest because my puppy always eats them, haha! The Lilly tech cases are great, too!


The tech case in your pictures looks so vibrant! I've been debating getting it in Fan Dance as I already have the iPad case…I'm sold!!



Lifeguard Press Review!

Getting emails from Lifeguard Press makes my DAY, getting a box from them makes my WEEK!
(You can check out other items I’ve reviewed in the past here and here.)
There are two annoying things about going to school in DC.  1) It rains a LOT in the spring and 2) No cars = walking a LOT in the rain.
I love starting every year off with a new umbrella, but I’m super picky.  The handle has to be substantial. It has to be big enough for me and my backpack, but small enough so I don’t have to share (ahem, Georgetown Boy is totally guilty of this).  It needs a cover.  I like to have the loop thing at the end of the handle.  Last, but not least, it has to be cute.
This umbrella totally covers all my requirements!
(It also comes in Lilly prints!)

This is genius.  I’ve seen these reusable snack sacks on other websites, but the Lilly print takes the cake.  Little V definitely rubbed off me last year and passed along some environmentally friendly habits.  This little pouch is a great replacement for zip-locks.  The inside is lined and safe for foods!  Don’t tell on me, but it will be great for smuggling food out of the dining hall.

I love luggage tags.  They make identifying bags so much easier in airports.  But what I like about this one in particular is that your information is hidden away behind a flap.  You don’t really need everyone knowing your cell phone number… unless your bag actually gets lost!  Best of both worlds!

I was so excited when I saw this tool kit.  The morning before it arrived, I had just been talking with a girl going back for her second year at UVa.  We were saying how tool kits never make their way onto college packing lists, but they totally should!  You never know when you are going to need the tools, or what you’ll need them for (and sometimes it’s unconventional), but you will!
The mini size of this tool kit makes even more sense for college dorms, and the cute print is perfect for college prepsters 🙂

I was really excited to get this!  It’s so so so perfect.  I tend to carry multiple laptops with me, in addition to my regular books and notebooks.  This laptop tote is going to help out with the load.  It fits laptops up to 15.4 inches, but since my laptops are 13 something and 11 something, they both squeeze in with no problem at all.
The straps are great for freeing up hands to carry stuff (read: coffee) on the way to the library.  The front has a pocket that can hold extra things.  My external harddrive slipped right in.
I think the new Lifeguard Press stuff is great!  What’s on your list for back-to-school?

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Legally Brunette Kate

Lifeguard press has the coolest stuff…I've actually had my eye on the Lilly sandwich bag and lunch box. The Jonathan Adler collection also has a ton of cute office supplies like highlighters and binder clips…I'm lucky that they sell most of the Lifeguard Press stuff in my campus bookstore!

My Life as A Plate

I love Lifeguard Press, and all the Lilly and Jonathan Adler stuff. I have been looking at the Lilly reusable sandwich bag for a while, and I think I need to get it.



I'm think about getting an umbrella… which do you think is the better
umbrella brand to get? Lilly Pulitzer or Jonathan Adler?
Thanks! 🙂



Lifeguard Press Review!

The lovelies down at Lifeguard Press sent me goodies to review here.  I loved reviewing the wonderful items during the summer so I was thrilled when they asked if I’d want to review more!
Lilly products are BY FAR my favorite school.  Bright notebooks and Lilly patterns make taking super boring notes bearable.  And that, my friends, is saying a whole lot.  I love my Lilly pencils, my Lilly notebooks, my Lilly highlighters, my Lilly pencil case… everything all from Lifeguard Press.
I love this SUPER preppy and SUPER nautical sailor bracelet.  It’s beyond adorable and perfect for summer stacks poolside!
Oh, and of course, just when I get my mind on summer, something snaps me back into reality… For instance, this coffee travel mug.
Perfect for….. long days in the library.  Haha…. But at least it’s beyond perfect! 
My favorite office supply… binder clips!!!  These are the BEST!  Remember the secret use I figured out for them when I moved into the house? 

But seriously how cute are they?  The little puns and jokes are precious.

And… last but not least… The iPad sleeve.
I texted my dad straight away mentioning that now that I have the case, I need the iPad.  I mean, right?  Seems beyond justified.
Lucky for me, however, my netbook fits like a glove!  I actually had been meaning to get a case for it… I’ve only had it for, like, what?  10 months?

How precious is the print with the tiny seahorses???

Okay, that wraps it up.
Be sure to swing by Lifeguard Press for more perfect school supplies!
Motivation for finals?  I think YES!

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"Lilly products are BY FAR my favorite school."

"But, basically, Sseko designs gives women in Uganda to work and earn money for college during a gap between secondary school and university."

I seem to recall you hounding on a Rue La La typo not too long ago darling and yet you've made two mistakes in the last week…


I think the difference between a personal blog and a company is a big factor in these 'mistakes' anon…but loved this post Carly! Will definitely have to check out this company for next fall. 🙂


I adore my Lilly pencils, too–very funny to loan to guys!! I'd kind of been wanting a sailor bracelet also, and that one looks perfect. 🙂

little miss southern love.

love the lifeguard lilly stuff! I just put an order in last week after the Joss & Main sale was awful and I ordered all the things I wanted.. Can't wait for them to hurry up and get here!



I love the new Lilly travel mugs! I got one when I went to KOP last weekend and went in to the Lilly store! My only problem that I had with it was that after it came out of the dishwasher the paper inside was wet and wrinkly 🙁 What I loved about these new mugs is that they say that they're dishwasher safe and it seems that they are not 🙁