Little Loves ❤️

My friend Naomi does a series on her blog comprised of little letters. (If you don’t follow her blog, you should! She was one of the first blogs I followed… we were both in DC at the time, I was in college and she had just had her daughter Eleanor.) I’m totally copying her today for Valentine’s Day little love letters edition!

Dear Movie Pass, I love how many movies I’ve been going to see with you! Going to see a movie is the best way to spend a super chilly night.

Dear Twitter,

With all the craziness going on with other apps, you’re turning into my favorite social media platform!

Dear Google Docs,

How could I function without you? I organize just about everything with you and I love you for it.

Dear weather,

I’m still working on not hating winter, but I’m loving these 50-degree days every now and then.

Dear microwave popcorn,

You may not be good for me, but ugh, I can’t seem to get enough of you lately.

Dear Tula,

Your exfoliating mask is magic.

Dear Chelsea Piers,

I’m really really really really realllllllly going to miss you when I move!

Dear chocolate dipped strawberries,

It’s a toss-up between love and hate right now because I want you every single day.

Dear Elle Mills,

Your videos are AMAZING– such a great storyteller.

Dear you guys,

Your comments, emails, and DMs lately have been making me so happy! Love you!

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Meagan R.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet girl! I also read Naomi’s blog, and she ALSO inspired me to do the little letters thing! I call it Mini Mail on my blog and they’re so fun to write. I loved this version of yours! Have a happy day!


I LOVED this post Carly! We love you too! I have been a devoted reader for the last year or so and I cannot believe I did not find you sooner. I relate to you on almost every level and you bring happiness to my inbox every day.

Dear Carly,
You are a light in my life! Thank you!


What a fun post! Been debating movie pass, but it just keeps showing up everywhere. I think it’s a sign.