Mexico was… amazing.
It was definitely out of our “family comfort zone” as a vacation destination, but we ended up having a blast.  Georgetown Boy and his family had gone over Christmas break and we were completely inspired by the pictures we saw on Facebook.  And we signed right on up for spring break!  (How lucky that Sporty Sister and I had the same week off?)
[warning: picture overload!!!]
It was overcast, a little chilly, and super windy on the day we arrived.  I was a little worried I was going to have to wear the chambray popover and white jeans the whole trip!  (I didn’t pack any long sleeved shirts or pants.)
Mojitos on the deck.


We took a little excursion to the jungle!!!
We went snorkeling in the cenote.  It was freezing (hence Soccer Mom’s face….), but so much fun!


The whole family underwater.
Ready to zip line!!!


so much fun.


Still trying to figure out how I am the shortest in the family and also the palest…. doesn’t seem quite fair.
Then we went off to Tulum, the Mayan city on the Caribbean.  Super pretty.


(But still windy!)


Back to the resort to jump in the water!
(We’re 100% related I swear…)


We went snorkeling at our hotel too.



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Oh my gosh! this is so cool. I love all the pictures with you and your family. It looks like y'all had an amazing time in Mexico. I'm so jealous of you and cannot wait for my spring break! Only about a month more!


The last picture makes my heart melt!!! I would have tried to bring him back home with me 🙂



I love seeing vacation pictures from anyone! Getting super excited to go on my cruise next month. I am also the shortest and palest in my family too! IT ISN'T FAIR AT ALL! So glad you had so much fun!


I'm so jealous! But I'm glad you had a ton of fun and got to be with your family. Zip-lining looks amazing…I definitely want to try that out someday!



I love all of your swimsuit picks, and completely understand being the palest one! I figure we won't wrinkle because our skin never let us enjoy a tan. Hopefully!