Mont Tremblant

We just got back from an incredible trip to Canada. With Garrett’s work schedule, it’s always a little up in the air with when he’ll have days off. It’s not a Monday through Friday by any means. After working straight through the holidays and not being able to spend that time together, we lucked out that Garrett had three days completely off… and we booked a trip to Mont Tremblant for some skiing.
Every picture online that we saw looked incredible and it was on our “list” from the NY Times 36 Hours USA and Canada, Northeast book. I’m posting a bunch of photos here, but let me just say…. they don’t even do Mont Tremblant justice. The mountain was stunning. The village was beyond charming.
I’d definitely say that it’s an ideal spot for people who like to ski, but there is definitely plenty to do for the non-skiers too. 
Garrett worked until 6am on Sunday so we left after he took a quick nap. It’s a pretty easy drive from Connecticut and we love a good car trip. I could hardly contain my excitement the whole drive.
Once we got there, we explored a little bit although it was bitterly cold. Everyone warned us that Mont Tremblant was known for being cold and… oh were they right. We ended up eating dinner in the hotel and then waking up early for some skiing!
It was literally negative 12 degrees when we got to the mountain. I can honestly say I’ve never been colder. Luckily, I had splurged on this Patagonia coat and it kept me as warm as possible. My toes, nose, and fingers on the other hand were freezing. (I had to switch to mittens on Tuesday… so much warmer!)
In case you’re curious about my skiing, ha… I felt so much more confident since last year. It took me about thirty minutes to get my “ski legs” back and once I stopped panicking things went great!!! At one point Garrett couldn’t tell if I had lost control or if I was going fast on purpose! I really feel like I’m getting the hang of it. But I did fall hard on my knees at the end of the day Monday… the swelling and bruising hurt extra bad during the cold the next day. Not terrible though. Bottom line though, I had an amazing time.
When I posted that we were heading to Mont Tremblant, nearly every single person said that we couldn’t leave without getting a beavertail. We had to get one every single day!!! They’re kind of like flat pancake churros with toppings.  We got a few different ones throughout the trip: Nutella, Nutella with bananas, and a maple butter one. You know, we had to try as many as possible. Bah. So good.

As far as hotels go, I did some quick research and ended up deciding on the Fairmont Tremblant. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s the only “ski in/ski out” hotel there and it really does save you time if you want to maximize your skiing. Additionally, every single person there was beyond friendly and helpful. From the room service to the hot tubs to the location… it was the perfect pick.
This was the view from our room!
Wearing: Beanie, Parka, Jeans, Ugg Boots (c/o), Crossbody
If we weren’t skiing, we were braving the cold to explore the village. It truly felt like something out of a fairytale! The snow on the brightly colored rooftops added to the wonderland charm.There are so many little shops and restaurants, you could spend a whole day just exploring the village. Out of all the meals we had there, La Forge was our favorite. Definitely make a reservation there one night if you find yourself in Tremblant!
Even though we squeezed in so much for the full two days that we were there, I definitely want to make it back again soon.

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Hi Carly! Do you own your own skis yet or do you rent? I would love to read about your research/process when and if you buy your own skis because I am currently still renting. I was a snowboarder and have switched to skiing. I apologize if your already blogged about this, hopefully I didn't miss the post!!
– Monica


Hi Carly! My boyfriend is in Mont Tremblant right now and I love the red winter that you have. Where did you pick it up?

Garrett H

I love Mont Tremblant! My friends and I used to go during the Summer, I’ve been dying to go during the winter though.