More Cover Shoot

I decided to share some more (read: a million) fun pictures from the Sweet Lemon cover shoot!
(You can watch a video of the production here!)
We had so much fun doing the whole shoot.  We, of course, had big plans for a shoot… and then a week before we found this super retro outdoor laundromat!  It was just too fun to pass up.  Florida was having fantastic weather and in true dramatic fashion, the forecast for the day of the shoot was RAIN.  And LOTS of it.
Because of the weather scare, we shifted back the schedule by an hour in efforts to “beat” the rain.  The morning started in a makeup chair (Bobbi Brown, naturally) and five weather-related freak outs.

The photog for the day was Sporty Sister!!!  I am so proud of her!!!

Can we talk about this… I swear… it was a Sweet Lemon miracle.

Sporty Sister, Andrea, and Michael preparing!  (I was Instagramming the events!)

Michael and I have been friends since middle school when he moved to Tampa.  He just graduated from FSU’s film school and moved to New York this month!!!  So proud of him.

We love doughnuts.

This was very hard… and very funny.


Even though we were on a deadline and trying to beat the rain, we were having a blast.  I mean, the whole thing was so much fun.
Don’t let the temporary sun fool you!

Running to the next location!


Right about here, the wind starts picking up….. rain is ominous.  

Getting dressed in the car.  In the middle of downtown.  Totally smooth.

And here comes the rain!!!

LOTS and LOTS of rain.

We took two shots and scrapped this look.

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Royal blue is my favorite color, and it looks gorgeous on you! You have such a natural beauty! I'm very impressed about the balancing on the rack, I would have fallen on my butt!

Crystal Faye

Your outfit choices were awesome! Great pics! I love the laundry mat pictures! One of my friends took her engagement pictures in a laundry mat, and they turned out adorable! great job, carly!