My Mom and Dad Visited This Week

I really love getting to see my parents– even better is when they come and visit. It was a short trip, but we had an absolute blast! LOTS of walking. We visited NYC a lot when my sister and I were younger, so we’ve done a lot of the touristy things as a family already. It’s kind of nice because now we can just do out own thing and explore/wander.
My mom always likes to go to Eataly right when they get into town. We did a little exploring when they first got here and then stopped into Eataly for dinner. Of course, there was an insane line at the Pizza/Pasta place which is our favorite– so we pregrammed with some Nutella crepes while we waited. It’s a human truth: everyone loves Nutella. 
My favorite part of the trip was meeting my parents every morning to walk Teddy. They stayed in a nearby hotel so it was the perfect morning activity. (Followed by big breakfasts!) Walking Teddy in Central Park is my favorite thing so I loved being able to share it with them! Teddy loved the extra attention. 
On Tuesday, we spent a lot of time walking the Highline. It was extremely hot, but we still had fun. We popped into Warby Parker so my dad could get his sunglasses adjusted… my mom and I just enjoyed cooling off and trying on glasses! Then we walked around a lot more visiting Bryant Park (one of our favorite spots) and the diamond district (always fun to window shop!). Ice cream and iced coffees were musts.
It’s not a trip to NYC without a Broadway show. We’ve seen so many shows and we like to try new ones… I was honestly kind of hesitant about seeing Kinky Boots, but it was my parent’s first choice. OMG. So funny and entertaining. I thought it was a slow start, but after two songs I was totally into it. (And unlike other shows where sometimes I’m counting the songs to intermission, I never got bored!)
My mom is totally rocking this J. Crew dress. 😉 Meesh is too cute!
They left Wednesday afternoon. We spent the morning in Central Park with Teddy, then bagels, and manicures for Meesh and me. One last meal (our vacations revolve around food/restaurants…) at Sarabeth’s.


PS The first day that they were here, we went to the 9/11 Memorial. Garrett and Matthew and I tried to go the week before, but we couldn’t get tickets. I’m glad we went on a Monday evening because it was quieter and not terribly crowded. If you’re in NYC ever, you have to go. (Note: we spent over two hours inside and easily could have spent another hour or two. So make sure you carve out enough time to really see, read, and watch everything.) It’s really powerful and moving… In a way, it’s like a time capsule and it takes you right back to the exact day. The information and stories– some I remember from the news when it happened and others brand new to me– are extensive. Film. Artifacts. Personal belongings. Photographs. Voice recordings. There’s no way I’m going to be able to describe it well, but you just really have to go. I’m glad I was able to go with my parents while they were in the city.

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Love that dress your Mom has on from J.Crew – I grabbed the shirt on sale, and am already obsessed. And LOVE Sarabeth's – such a good spot!