nyc according to my phone

New York was ahhhhhhmazing!
I had a blast.  It was great catching up with my mom, shopping, AND meeting new people!  I even had a few “relaxed” moments throughout the trip.  (I use this lightly because I actually had work to do while there.)
With all the fun… I totally never even took pictures.  Well I snapped a few with my phone.  So here’s my trip according to my phone.

A visit to the Jack Rogers store after a fun breakfast with the Jack Rogers girl!
(from the Jack Roger girl’s phone!)

(from the Jack Roger girl’s phone!)

Lunch with a new friend!
(From @katespadeny’s phone!)

Lemon twinkies


More lemons…. and macarons!  Loved this guy!

Black & White cookie from Crumbs.  Soccer Mom and I got a couple more (real ones though) every day!!!

And we ate entirely too much bread.  But, calories definitely don’t count while on vacation.
Cannoli’s in Little Italy

Obviously…. #obsessed.

Saw the Addam’s Family on Broadway.  (I love Wednesday!)

Brook Shields played Morticia!

And we enjoyed one amazing brunch before having to leave.
All I want to know now is WHEN CAN I GO BACK???

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NYC is amazing! I'm excitedly planning a trip there in the coming year with my husband and some friends. They have all never been so I'm looking forward to showing them all the sites and sounds.

Colleen K.

I went to NYC last winter break with three of my best friends and we went to Sarabeth's for breakfast on our second last day! Absolutely delicious!


New york is so beautiful and it looks like you had a lovely time! I love having a camera on my phone because it is SO much easier to take pictures when I travel!


NYC looks like so much fun. I've never been but really want to go now! Love the Addams Family. I went as Wednesday one year.