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Today is a particularly sad day. It’s the last day dogs are allowed on the beach until December! I’ve been taking the dogs as much as possible knowing the days are limited. We’ve brought home about 1/3 of the sand from the beach for sure– it’s currently sitting in my car. Worth it though!

Of course, the last week of beach time is when I figure out the best way to get the dogs exercising. Teddy only likes to fetch the ball. Hamilton only likes to chase Teddy (or be chased). So now I give the ball to Hamiton and he runs around like a maniac as Teddy chases him like a maniac. I never have to even touch the ball and they both pass out in the car on the way home! Win, win. (You have to see Ham’s moves here.)

Tod's Point

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Scalloped Tote under $50

I have a sponsored post with Nordstrom coming up and I just received my order in the mail. I ordered two outfits in case one didn’t work out and I ended up ordering two of these totes. THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE. You would never guess that the tote is under $50!

TWO // Broken Water Heater Robot

This little girl is the absolute cutest. She saw a broken water heater on the side of the road and truly believes it to be a robot. The sweet things she says to it just melts my heart!

THREE // Samira Wiley’s Wedding

Have you seen Orange Is the New Black‘s Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli’s wedding photos? I can’t handle how amazing they look! Stunning.

FOUR // Striped Dress

I’m eyeing this striped dress big time. It looks like the perfect option for summer. I love easy to throw on dresses when it’s warm out and the stripes are just an added bonus.

FIVE // Puppy and the Stairs

You know what we need right now? A cute video of a puppy! This little guy’s mind is downright blown when he watches his mom march down the stairs. 

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Aw! I didn’t know they stopped allowing dogs on the beach how sad! I guess with summertime coming up..Darn! Also loving that $50 tote!! Nordstrom strikes again! Have a great weekend Carly! 💓
Affordable by Amanda


I absolutely love that striped dress! It looks like a good staple. Did you know that it is national stripes day?! I hope that you area wearing some form of stripes… Although I’d expect that regardless of the holiday!

Sweetly, Sally //


The beaches in Fairfield and Westport allow you to bring dogs Oct 1 – we’ve got it marked on our calendars!


Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at the beach where I live and it’s so sad, my yellow lab loves the water!
Lauren |