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Before I do anything else, I really just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who popped over to the blog yesterday, sent an email, wrote a tweet, left a comment, or took a Snapchat. I’ve been nervous to share the news about our big move for a handful of reasons and I was seriously struggling to put into words why NYC has been really incredible but not for me anymore. Publishing the post and hearing back from so many readers helped make everything feel so real and it really does mean the world to me to know I have a supportive community behind me. I was watching the analytics roll in last night at 11:55, 12:00, 12:05… 12:15 and couldn’t stop simultaneously smiling and crying. The tears were rolling down my cheeks, in a good way!

With that said, this week has been tough. Our current apartment is completely torn apart and disorganized which is enough to cause some situational anxiety. Then add in the fact that back-to-school is the second busiest time of the year for my business/blog, I have a decently bad head cold, we were out of town last weekend, and we’re moving… it’s just been a crazy week. I feel like I’m in a major limbo!
In a way, I am thankful because I think I would have had feelings of nostalgia that would have made moving out impossible. Instead, I’m over here, like, okay! Let’s get the show on the road!!!
ONE // Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 

If Lilly does as Lilly has done, the After Party Sale will start on MONDAY!!! As of writing this, I haven’t heard any news, so this is just a guess… but I’m 99% sure it’s happening around 8am ish on Monday. It’s always kind of a shift-show (ha…) so I have some recommendations.
– Set up an account and make sure your credit card and shipping/billing information is correct
Get online early
– Buy as you go… do quick buys so you don’t miss out on something you really love. You might end up with a handful of orders
– Breathe and have fun! This is a sale, not the end of the world.

TWO // Scariest Movie Trailer Ever

Watch at your own risk! I don’t know if the movie trailer is really all that scary or if it’s just extra creepy because I just finished reading The Ice Twins. I watched while home alone and was seriously freaked out. Those masks….

THREE // Barbara Corcoran’s Twitter

We’ve been on a major Shark Tank kick in our house. Once we figured out how to stream CNBC on the Apple TV, it was pretty much game over. I have it on in the background every night while I’m answering Tumblr questions. I am hooked! So much so that I started following Barbara Corcoran on Twitter and her tweets really give me a little extra inspiration and motivation throughout the day. I’ve had to hold back from retweeting everything.

FOUR // Target’s Advertisements for Vogue

I saw this post about Target’s upcoming advertisements for Vogue’s September issue and it piqued my interest! I love seeing creative ways brands are using advertising nowadays. The envelope is always having to be pushed and creativity is almost necessary at this point. No more status quo! Excited to see the full spread!

FIVE // Havenly

With our move, Garrett and I are starting from scratch decorating/furniture wise. I’m hopeless when it comes to interior decorating so I’ve turned to my friends at Havenly for help with our living room. (They helped with my original living design!) I’m obsessed with the design my girl came up with and can’t wait to start receiving pieces to put together in the new place.

Anything great on your radar this week?
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Emily Reyna

Hi Carly!

Just wanted to say again how genuinely excited I am for you and Garrett and Teddy! I've been following your blog since your Georgetown days and then I was still in high school. I remember as I made the transition from that to college just as you were moving to NYC, I felt so connected and appreciative of how you were so transparent with your struggles, successes, and feelings. It makes all of this, growing up, seem much more real + genuine when others are speaking truth about what it's really like. As I find myself moving into that post-grad life I see what you've felt and I feel it to, it's comforting to know you're not the only one and it's okay to have a hard time but then pick yourself back up.

And one other thing, thank you for showing your transition from college to full time job in the city, to full time blogger. It really made a difference in how I saw women doing their careers, pursuing what they really love. Before college, I never saw any young women doing this and to see women all over truly doing what they are most passionate about is so encouraging.

So, I feel like I'm telling this to an old friend, but I really am so happy for you, Garrett, and Teddy moving on to new better things! Count it all joy!!

Emily Reyna

Becky Lynn

I've never shopped Lilly Pulitzer before, but I was eye-ing the Marlowe shirtdress in Red White Return all summer. Unfortunately, it disappeared off the website a week or two ago. Does Lilly re-release previous seasons patterns for the After-Party sale or should I just buck up and buy it full price next time?

-Becky Lynn

Audrey Lin

The trailer… WHY?! asfghjkl I've had to watch so many Sinister 2 trailers on YouTube 🙁 and there was a scary trailer in theaters before I watched Paper Towns. I don't remember what it was called but I don't really care to. AHHH!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's



On My Radar

I totally didn’t realize how quickly Friday got here! I don’t understand the science of time… how can one week feel like eternity and the next only a blink! Mostly, I did a lot of working-from-home and catching up. A couple of meetings and phone calls here and there, but I felt like this was a great week to put my head down and get stuff done. (Although, I need to be kinder to myself and remember how much I accomplished versus beating myself up for how much is still left to be done!)
My favorite moment of the week! Garrett and I went to visit the Halal Guys (literally the best food) in midtown. All the holiday windows were being put together and it was such a fun little moment. It’s definitely a cute little reminder that we live here. Of course, everyone wants to see the windows when they’re done, but it’s pretty incredible to see all the guys hard at work getting everything done. 
Here’s what was on my radar:
I try, really try to be a good tipper. I generally stick to the 20% rule for dinners (round up, move the decimal over one, and double!), but I get SO confused by everything else. There really are rules about these sorts of things. This is such a great breakdown about tipping and I learned a lot. Officially bookmarked (on my iPhone) to refer to as needed…. especially with the holiday season coming up!

My friend Katie Armour launched her new business venture!!! I’m so proud of her for creating something that is so truly Katie. Buddy Editions is a collection of limited-edition artwork that’s affordable and also always changing. I especially love how you can get to know the artists behind the work with their bios. There is really something for everyone; all of the pieces are diverse and unique.
I’m always fascinated by reading articles and studies about friendships. I think friendships are one of the most valuable aspects of life (next to family and love!). I’ve watched my own friendships ebb and flow over the years, with some fleeting and some the unbroken. There are plenty of studies out there about magic “numbers” of friendships (close friends, friends, etc.) so I loved how this article questioned what the effect of social media has on those numbers.
photo by Hallie, queen of getting the shot.
FOUR // Bartaco!
My friend Julia invited a bunch of us bloggers to the ‘burbs for lunch at Bartaco. I’ve been randomly once before in the spring and it is delicious. (You know a restaurant is amazing and well-loved when people comment on spotting a matchbox in an Instagram!) It was nice to get out of the city for a bit to enjoy great food with friends. Oh, and Tampa!, rumor on the street is that a Bartaco is opening in Hyde Park soon!!!
J. Crew’s nautical ceramic collection is so spot on. I included it in the gift guide I did for guys earlier this week, but I had to share again. I legitimately can’t get over how cute everything is!!! So perfect. Even this little dish is too cute.
Anything good on your radar this week?!

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Audrey Lin

There's a quote (I forget who by) that goes: The days are long, but the years are short. Isn't that incredibly profound? And accurate 😛 Anyways, I love that post about tipping. I just moved to the States from China for college a few months ago, but I still haven't gotten the hang of tipping. I used to be really stingy about tipping, but when my own friends started working, I realized how much they actually rely on tips to make money, so I feel bad and try to tip a little more generously than I used to 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's



On My Radar

Phew! This week was a doozy! Between wrapping up (read: ditching) Fashion Week, avoiding the snow storms, dealing with all the lawyers and all the accountants, endless phone calls, negotiations and re-negotiations, drafts and redrafts. Not to mention a couple of migraines and one minor allergic reaction. Normal I tell you, normal. But it was really productive and I feel like I’m finally getting in a good groove/schedule.
Tons of things for this week’s On My Radar:
ONE // Jack Meets Blue III

Double the cuteness, double the trouble. Kind of a slow video, but I mean… I couldn’t resist. I’m having a tiny twinge of nostalgia for Georgetown so watching this video helped. Or maybe, didn’t help!

TWO // Hoya Love Stories

Well, the Georgetown Forever-ness doesn’t stop there. This Tumblr blog features so many marriages between Georgetown students. Obsessed. (Spent, way too much time reading all the stories.) Oh, and the one above? My amazing amazing amazing friend Alison and her husband Chris

THREE // 50 Company Slogans If They Were Being Honest

These are hilarious and scary spot on. I scrolled through all of them and laughed and giggled and Snapchatted them to all my friends.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. You sign in with Facebook and it calculates when the “ideal” time for you to get engaged is. Oy. Vey.

FIVE // Lucy Hale’s “Nervous Girls”

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this or not. I didn’t dislike it when I first heard it. But then I found myself humming the tune for about two hours after that first watch. It’s more or less been on repeat since. Plus, I just love Lucy. (Literally since her American Junior days…. anyone else watch that show?!)
SIX // Twinsters

I know, we get it… Facebook turned ten. But I really did love this story in particular. It’s like… literally Parent Trap. Still waiting for my long lost twin to show up…

Speaking of twins… this Buzzfeed article is my childhood.

EIGHT // 100 Year Old BFFs

Oh, this video just melted my heart. Melted. My. Heart.
NINE // J. Crew Swim

With a trip to the Dominican Republic right around the corner, I’ve been searching for bathing suits. It’s challenging considering there is so much snow on the ground. Kind of difficult to get into the mood when you’re frozen… this J. Crew sailboat suit is calling my name though!

TEN // Let It Go

I’ve never seen Frozen, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t watched every single “Let It Go” cover. It’s kind of sick how many of them I’ve watched. The song is CATCHY. This one has been one of my favorites so far though!
What’s on your radar?

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