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This was a non-stop week. Between getting back from Ireland, attending the Tony Awards after party, meetings in NYC, onboarding with a new management team, and a short trip out to Montauk with a friend for work, it’s been really crazy, but amazing. June is typically a notoriously “slow” month for blogging, however, it’s been packed this year. 
I’m actually in disbelief that we’re midway through June– almost halfway through the whole year! I’m looking forward to a low-key weekend with Gar and the pups… hopefully I can catch up on some sleep!!
I really found this video with Danica McKellar to be super inspiring. She went from being the ultimate girl next door on television as Winnie in The Wonder Years to a math wiz with a theorem named after her. Loved what she had to say.
How cool does the update to iMessage look? It’s definitely quite the change from the simple texting app and it looks like a lot of fun. I love that it’ll now allow you to write out a written response!
THREE // Polaroid Printer
I had numerous requests about the printer I’ve been showing on Snapchat. It’s this Polaroid printer and seriously so much fun. The quality isn’t perfect, but I’d still say it’s worth it for printing “instant” memories. Definitely something fun to have this summer. While I love a good Polaroid printer, this is the next best thing as you can print your favorite photos wirelessly from your iPhone.

FOUR // Man Repeller and her Husband

Leandra from the Man Repeller did a super adorable video with her husband about how they first met and it’s seriously the cutest! I want to be friends with the two of them!!!

FIVE // You Gotta Regatta is BACK!!!

This is big, big news. Lilly Pulitzer re-released You Gotta Regatta and it’s just as great as ever. The popover and the towel seem like summer staples.

Anyone else planning on relaxing this weekend?

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Audrey Lin

The update is so cool! I always take forever finding emojis, so maybe the update will make my life easier ;P // ooh if you like that video of Man Repeller, you should check out Love Taza's latest video, which she shared in a post on her blog! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


The printer is awesome! I'm a big advocate for printing your pics since we take so many these days and most of the time forget about them just a short while after we take them.

Jen | The Emerald Girl



On My Radar

When I was getting ready to write this post, I couldn’t believe the week was nearly over. The photo below…. I can’t stop laughing. Garrett snapped it candidly at lunch while we were in Tampa. I was going through photos from the trip and honestly almost fell over from laughing so hard. This is definitely a face I make like 300 times a day. Probably why the smirk emoji (which I nicknamed side eye Sal) is one of my favorites… 

And you know what? This face is just about exactly how I feel about this week. I was actually pretty overwhelmed getting back from vacation. So. Much. To. Do. I mean, I felt like I couldn’t get my head above water, let alone float and swim ashore! Yet, I took it one day at a time, one hour at a time. (Tuesday was rough….) But! I did it! My inbox is almost clear, I got some important phone calls and meetings checked off, got my butt back into yoga classes, and plowed through a few big items off my list. Feels good to be going into Friday with some hard work behind me and clearish skies ahead.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // The Non-Professional Photographer’s Guide to Portraits

So this may be super creepy, but I love being friends with readers on Facebook. It’s awesome to be able to get to “know” everyone a little bitter and see what you’re up to. I click around a lot and I’m always blown away by how talented and passionate everyone is. Liv is one of those people! I’ve been stalking her blog for a while now, checking in whenever she posts an update on Facebook… I love it! She recently posted her stunning portrait work and some tips on how to photograph killer portraits. I’m so impressed and wish I had an ounce of her talent.

TWO // Third Wheel Instagram

This has to be one of the funniest Instagram accounts ever. I think everyone has had a third-wheel moment at least once. It’s kind of pathetic, kind of awkward, kind of funny. This guy Peter certainly captures that pathetic-awkward-funny tension perfectly in his Instagrams.

THREE // Dog Shelter Photo Booth

The Humane Society of Utah recently used a photo booth to take sweet photos of the pups to help them get adopted. I think it was a brilliant idea; the results are so stinking cute. I think I fell in love with all the dogs. The personalities are captured in such a candid way that you can’t help by smile!

FOUR // 7 Airbnb Rejections

Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, recently released four rejection letters from prominent investors when they were looking for funding for their new startup. Of course, we all know how amazing Airbnb is and what kind of offer these investors passed. So next time you get a rejection… don’t forget that it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful or that you’re not worth it. You will be and you very much are!

FIVE // Baby Seals Playing

Is it really even an On My Radar post without a video of cute animals?! This might take the cake in terms of cuteness. Seriously, off the charts cute! I kind of just want to watch the video on loop.

Anything good on your radar?

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Love that photography article! I am always looking for new tips on how to master the wonderful art. Also, I almost died laughing at that instagram account – literally the best so beyond relatable! This week on my radar has been the news in Chicago that Happy Hour is now legal again. Happy hour drink specials have been banned since 1989! SO crazy right ????

Annie // Annie N Belle


lol, i love the smirking emoji. i never thought to name him though, so the fact that you call him "side eye sal" is a hilarious! haha. 🙂

Patricia Gamez

Hi Carly

I love your blog!
I'll be visiting NYC next Year on April. And I'd love to see your recommendations from hotels to great places to visit.



On My Radar

Despite the allergies I’ve been dealing with this week (oh, my sinuses, my throat, my eyes… ugh), it was a great week! I think I’m finally starting to swing out of this little funk I have been in. The Vitamin D must be kicking in!!!

I snapped this on the way home from the park this past weekend. I took the picture on the way home from the dog park this weekend. How beautiful are those colors? They seemed like a great sign for the week to come. 

My unofficial official uniform these days. I’ve had this cable knit sweater for years…  it’s currently $35 if you use the code “thebest” at checkout. Also wearing these sunnies (c/o), this bag (c/o), and these jeans.
Because it’s finally nice out, going to the dog park is enjoyable for everyone. The park has been filled with dogs– Teddy has a blast and we don’t mind leaning against the railing just soaking up the warm sun. Teddy is now the owner of a GoPro harness…. guys, the footage is hilarious. Definitely putting together a montage of the clips soon to share.

Now what’s been on my radar (a lot this week!):

ONE // Twin Strangers

This project is so fun. Three friends are searching for their doppelgängers. I’m fascinated by doppelgängers! This video though… I mean, they’re twins!!!

TWO // Couple Surprises Friends and Family

Speaking of twins… Holy cow, never before has a video made me cry as much as this one! It’s not sad, it’s just incredibly sweet. The reactions are priceless. That split second when they’re excited and then don’t understand is too great. No way could I ever keep a secret like that!

THREE // Behind the @BarbieStyle Instagram Account

An interesting read about what it takes to get Barbie’s Instagram photos just right. I was really excited when they first started posting the Instagrams because I thought it was just perfect branding. Lots of work goes into it to making of the perfect Insta!

FOUR // Girl Band Covers Metallica’s “The Warning”

I’ve always thought girls rock, but sheesh! These can seriously rock. Literally. It starts off innocently enough and then they get really into it. Wow.

FIVE // Are You Truly a Lilly Pulitzer Girl?

Man, the Lilly for Target launch has really been on my radar this week. I think I drank a little bit too much Lilly for Target kool-aid and I don’t even care. In fact, I love it. This is such a fun little quiz if you need more Lilly in your life.

SIX // 3 in 1 Cotton Sleeveless Dress

I will definitely be giving this dress a try. I’m obsessed with the idea that you can wear it three ways… as a skirt, as a top, or as a dress! The adorable nautical print certainly doesn’t hurt either.

SEVEN // Nike “Better For It”

Click on the little video on that page and watch what has to be the most relatable fitness commercial ever. Does anyone else feel like that when working out??? I know I do!

EIGHT // Teacup Poodle Visits Friends

Well, if this isn’t the sweetest, most heartwarming story. The pup looks like she’s on such a mission to make sure she gets to see all of her friends and then she just settles in for a little snuggling. Love.

NINE // The Butterfly Child

Don’t watch this at work because you’ll be a puddle, but definitely watch it. This young man is incredible. He’s so articulate and very wise. What a smart and loving kid.

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Love seeing what you're up to! One suggestion for allergies I have is to get local honey and put it into whatever you're eating/drinking. It gets the local pollen into your system and your less likely to get sick!


I too loved that Nike commerical! Honestly the most realistic work out video commercial I have ever seen. Teddy looks super cute in that photo and I would love to see a montage of all his Go Pro footage – it would be hilarious!

Annie N Belle



On My Radar

These are so so so my favorite posts. I love sharing the weird corners of the internet that I discover throughout the week. And updating you on the things that are going on over here. Sometimes they’re not enough to make up a full post or I forget to Instagram it!

On Monday, I was planning on meeting my friends Marissa and Katie in the afternoon… they work at Ivanka Trump. Teddy was invited and while I wasn’t planning on bringing him, he’s been experiencing some separation anxiety. I legitimately couldn’t leave him behind when I started to hear him howl and cry. So he came along too and had a blast. (Although we got very much stuck in a Columbus Day parade.) 

Oh my gosh that office space is perfect.  Lots of white, inspiration everywhere, and gorgeous touches of blush pink. It was really just a beautiful space filled with some amazingly talented women! Rumor has it that a “selfie wall” is being installed…
After shooting a couple of outfits way early in the morning, I caught up on a bit of work and then made the trek up to Manhattan College. I was asked to come speak to the Entrepreneurship and Marketing clubs… The group was so great; everyone asked me amazing questions that I really had to think hard about. It was fun! Reminded me a lot of my entrepreneurship class from college only two years ago… weird, but cool, to be in the front of the class! (I even got some followup questions via email! Everyone was on their a-game!)
A major highlight of the week was swinging by a preview for Dooney and Bourke and…. designing my own bag! It was fun picking out the different colors for each section, the leather, the little nameplate thing. Can’t wait to show you the finished product. (Who knew they made the bags right down the street in Connecticut?!)

I took a break yesterday afternoon to get a gel manicure. I love painting my own nails, but when I’m traveling gel makes more sense. It’s one less thing to think about while I’m out and about. The one issue? Picking a color! It’s a commitment knowing I’ll have the same polish for two weeks when I normally pick a new color every three or four days! I had heard that Essie had their own line of gel polishes and they set me up with an appointment to try it out at Samuel Shriqui Salon, their flagship salon. I loved that they had a handy chart so you could reference your favorite Essie color into the gel equivalent. I picked “Puffer Up,” which is similar to “Chinchilly.” Love!
Now, what’s on my radar this week:

ONE // Chanel Noº: The One That I Want
Everything about this Chanel video is perfect. The music gives me goosebumps (or chills ha) every time I listen to it. Gisele is stunning, as always. Baz Luhrmann, who directed The Great Gatsby, directed it. I have been playing it on repeat and now want to basically bathe in Chanel No. 5. (They have all sorts of behind the scenes videos which are also worth checking out!)
I love Frances McDormand. Really. I think she’s a great actor and I love seeing her face pop up in films. This NY Times article about her makes me LOVE her even more. I find myself thinking that the actors are their characters, so reading character pieces on who they really are always interest me. (Although, she may very well always be Miss Clavel in my mind!) 
THREE // Shine Theory
A friend sent me this article from The Cut about why powerful women make the greatest friends. I wish the article had been written in a more straightforward way instead of leading with celebrities… but I think there’s real truth to befriending the best of the best. I 100% believe in the fact that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Instead of resenting someone for seemingly “having it all together,” gravitate towards her!
This. Is. So. Cute. I saw this first on Twitter and then no fewer than six of my friends forwarded it to me because they knew I’d love it. The video is hilarious and these kids are downright adorable. Love watching them try all the foods and their completely uncensored reactions.

FIVE // Taking Flight by Michaela and Elaine DePrince
Michaela was my favorite in First Position. I’m so happy to hear that she co-wrote a book with her mom. Her story is incredibly inspiring and her book is officially next on my list!
I’m heading off to Charleston this weekend and can’t wait! Any fun weekend plans for you?


PS One more for good measure… get ready for your heart to melt!

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Zoe Hoover

The post this week so was great! I loved it all! I am a dancer and look up to Michaela because she shows that anyone who wants to dance can. I am so excited to read her book!

Audrey Lin

I decided to go to a women's college so that I'd be surrounded by empowered women, be empowered by them, and hopefully one day to empower other women too! Anyways, the video of the second graders was ADORABLE!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


Carly, I love reading your blog because it gives such beautiful snapshots about what it's like to live in your world in NYC! I know that things may not always be as perfect as the pictures seem, but I really think that you are living such a beautiful life!

Delaney Ferguson

Love this piece, Carly. That is way too exciting that you got to design for Dooney and Burke! They have great handbags. I totally agree about Frances McDormand – she has played so many characters in an array of films so it's nice to get to know her as a person a little. I loved one of her more recents, Moonrise Kingdom!



On My Radar

This week was really quite a good one. Catching up (or at the very least staying afloat), Teddy’s first puppy class, lots of long walks, meetings, a laugh-until-you-cry dinner with friends, Garrett back in town, seriously work sessions with Mackenzie…
But… the best part? YOU ALL. Honestly, I was blown away at the response to the My Real Self blog post. To say that I was nervous about actually clicking publish would have been an understatement. (My phone died twice from all the emails; I finally had to disable my mail app in the early afternoon from all the emails!) I wrote and rewrote that post about ten times and chickened out a couple of times (but had amazing friends who supported me). I was especially impressed by the number of people who posted a #MyRealSelfie… I mean, it’s not easy, this I know from experience. But I’m glad we did it together! It was such a great way to take some lemons and make some incredibly delicious (and fulfilling) lemonade.
So what was on my radar this week?
Emojis. In real life. I mean… It really doesn’t get better than that. I love Emojis probably a little bit too much. They just have so much personality. Why type something when you can express yourself through a tiny icon? A couple of my personal Emoji favorites: the side eye, the salsa dancer, the puppy, and the cats with heart eyes. Standard. Well this Tumblr blog absolutely nails the Emoji characters in “real life” form. I love how they’re absolutely the Emoji, but also have their own individual flair.

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to travel to a different place every week? For now, I’ll simply take the New York Times amazingly curated list. The combination of photographs and descriptions is enough to give one a serious case of Wanderlust. This was like salt to the wound after I self-diagnosed myself earlier this week. (Good news! Scotland is on the list!)
THREE // Dance and Light

I don’t really know what this is except for the fact that it’s insanely mesmerizing. I mean… it’s really quite incredible what they’re able to do with light and dance (and what I assume to be a bit of math). I couldn’t take my eyes off this and frankly couldn’t even remember where I found it. All I know is that I ended up watching it in one sitting and didn’t take my eyes off the screen.

FOUR // Sneakers

Have I been living in my New Balance sneakers since I picked them up at the store last week. Honestly, they’re the easiest and most comfortable things in the world. I have half a mind to buy them in a few more colors. Perfect for a casual work day in a coffee shop. Cable knit sweater, favorite jeans, and boyfriend eyeglasses (plus a monogram necklace to be safe)… and it’s kind of my favorite new outfit. More of my fave sneaker picks!

FIVE // Connor Zwetsch

Miss Connor absolutely nails it… again. One of my favorite songs and she adds such a unique spin to it. I just want to listen to this on repeat for the rest of my life, please and thank you. Actually, while you’re at it… listen to “Stubborn Love” too!

What’s on your radar for the week?
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Melissa C.

I shared #3 with about five people this morning, and may even use this for my next 5 on Friday 🙂 Thanks Carly for sharing such interesting things! Always one of my favorite blogs to read in the morning! <3

Lauren Scorzafava

Are you taking Teddy to Puppy Kindergarden or the next class up? Penny Lane hid under her chair for most of her Puppy K class but by the end she loved it so much I still take her to classes and really enjoy the bonding time and working with her. Have a fabulous weekend!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls


I love your outfit with the New Balance sneakers! I'd love it if you could do more outfit posts with the sneaker trend. I'm loving this trend but having a hard time not looking like a soccer mom.


That Emojis in real life series is fantastic! And now I really want a pair of New Balance sneakers; you make them look so casually chic.

cindy messinger

teddy is the cutest thing i have ever seen! our 14 year old soft wheaten terrier died the week before christmas and we are beginning to look for a new puppy. would you mind sharing your breeders information please. thank you!!!!