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Can we talk about how today’s the last day of July? July always goes by the fastest and this year wasn’t an exception. Actually this week flew by, probably because I was melting the entire week with this heat wave. The best part of the week might just have been meeting up with some great friends. I love running into people I haven’t seen in a while and it’s the best getting together with girlfriends I haven’t seen in a while. Definitely one of the perks of living in New York.

I had a 7am walking meeting through Central Park and brought Teddy along so he could run around and blow off some steam. I think it was a success and such a surprisingly beautiful morning despite the heat! Also, everyone should try a 7am walking meeting at some point– the two of us were feeling great and ready to conquer the day by 8am!!!

On my radar…

ONE // Mad Men Auction

Props and accessories from Mad Men are being auctioned off starting today (12pm PST) and I’m pretty much dying. So many awesome gems. Sally’s suitcase and Sally’s binder + history book are hands down my favorite pieces.

TWO // VSCO Presets Compared

I shared that I use VSCO cam to edit my Instagrams and I loved hearing that a lot of you guys love it too. I think it makes photos look extra great. Someone took the time to compare all the presets from VSCO and I’m kind of obsessed with the whole thing.

THREE // A Mailman Delivers a Library!

What a heartwarming story. Truly, it’s a good one. I think books are something everyone should have access to– especially kids. Love what this mailman decided to do; he went above and beyond the call of duty here!

FOUR // Hailee Steinfeld’s Single

I think Hailee Steinfeld is such a talented actor. I loved her in True Grit and have loved watching her blossom since! I thought her character in Pitch Perfect 2 was so fun and who knew she could sing?! I can’t wait for her single to drop!

FIVE // One Kings Lane Takeaways from the “De-Cluttering Bible”

I’m thoroughly convinced this is going to be a new way of life. Sign. Me. Up. I read this post on One Kings Lane and I am beyond intrigued. The book is officially on order… take the journey with me!!!

Anything great on your radar?

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I'm totally starting the decluttering journey for my life as well! I have to say that it's been an extremely refreshing experience so far.



On My Radar

Happy Halloween! I was very nervous about coming back to NYC after my amazing weekend in Boston. This week was a good balance of getting caught up on work and fun “work” things. And also a whole lot of random organizing; I couldn’t take the clutter anymore!
I get a lot of questions about where Teddy stays when I’m away. I’ve mentioned it before, but I never expected that I would travel as much as I do now when I first got him. The place where he gets groomed has this converted garage next door where they have doggy day care and then Teddy goes home with the guy at night. They are THE best. It’s pretty expensive, but it is 100% worth it because I know he’s in the absolute best of hands. He knows when we’re walking a certain way that that is where we’re heading and he can’t get there fast enough. (He sprints through the store to greet and say hi to everyone!) When I pick him up, he is a zombie. I imagine it’s like a parent picking up a kid from a sleepover; he’s sweaty, dirty, and exhausted. I typically carry him home because he’s that tired. And anyone with a dog knows that a tired dog is a happy dog. The picture above is the definition of his exhaustion. Muffin. 
I spotted this on the subway steps! Looks like Eloise was here!
I had so many great meals this week. On Monday night, I met up with a new friend (we have a zillion mutual friends from Florida) for dinner at The Smith; Brussels sprouts and macaroni and cheese all the way. On Tuesday, Taylor from Ellsworth and Ivey and I grabbed dinner at The Penrose. It might be the only “cool” thing on the Upper East Side and it did not disappoint. We found a spot at the bar and ordered way too much food (fried pickles, kale salad, a cheese plate, and macaroni and cheese… yum). 
Wednesday was jam packed. Jessica and I have been planning (and researching) for our annual pumpkin pancake date. We ended up at Friend of a Farmer and they were the most delicious pumpkin pancakes. It felt like I hadn’t seen Jess in months, so it was also nice to just catch up.
Then I had a more adventurous lunch at Barchetta. That, my friends, is an octopus. (I didn’t hate it.)
On Wednesday night, a bunch of bloggers and I swung by Jonathan Adler’s headquarters for a pottery lesson. Jonathan made “throwing down” look so much easier than it actually was. I’m not the biggest fan of getting my hands dirty, but I went for it. I made a very terrible bowl and two piles of mush. Major props to all the potters out there. 
For Halloween, my friends and I were not really feeling the whole costume thing. So we’re “dressing up” and going to go see Wicked on Broadway tonight!!! I haven’t seen it in forever and it’s one of my favorites. Can’t wait!
On my radar…
Sometimes in high school, I would wish that teachers knew what we were going through. (I’m sure they wished the same thing about us, too.) I think back about how difficult high school was. Hormones, friendships, cliques, and personal discovery aside… high school was tough. I woke up every morning at 5:45 to get ready. Sat through back-to-back 50-minute classes where I either felt like I boringly rushed through “busy work” or crammed tiny notes from an extensive lecture onto my notebook as fast as I could or a challenging pop quiz or three tests… or all of the above. In one day. (Followed by three hour crew practices and five to six hours of homework/studying.) The only teachers who “got it” where ones who had students of their own and heard/watched their own kids go through it. I thought this was an interesting article with some interesting takeaways/suggestions. Worth a read for students, past-students, teachers, soon-to-be-teachers, and parents alike!
This is such a fun collection of holiday gifts and goodies. Perfect to buy for your own home or to buy as gifts for festive friends. Scroll through for some of my favorite picks. (The “oy vey” dishtowel is the best though. My mom would love that!!!)

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Olivia Benson is one of the best characters on television. (I mean, if Taylor Swift is going to name her cat after her, you know she’s good.) I love this little illustration that was on Michele Rosenthal’s blog. Made me smile and then made me want to binge watch SVU on Netflix.
Okay, I love reading lists about why NYC is the best, but this one cracked me up because it couldn’t be more spot on. The things that make it “great” really aren’t that great after all. So listen to “Welcome to New York” and then read this and then listen to “Welcome to New York” to remember why it maybe not so bad.
FIVE // Misophonia
Anyone else hate the sound of other people chewing? Who knew there was a real name for it! Misophonia! This article explains that it’s a little bit more intense than just that. Okay, so I can definitely be around other people and everything, but if someone sits near me on the subway and they’re chewing gum or (UGH) eating an apple, it’s over. I move. Blech! 

What’s been on your radar this week? Anything fun for Halloween?

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Taylor Kay

As someone with two dogs at home, I definitely agree – "a tired dog is a happy dog." And that Washington Post article is just perfect! As someone who only just recently graduated high school, I agree 100% with everything you said. I absolutely can't stand the sound of other people chewing – honestly, I can't even chew gum half the time because the sound bothers me so much. It's good to know I'm not the only one who feels that way!



This article is really interesting & the photos are so great!
Also the design of your whole blog is really pretty, girl! ♥
I’m following you via gfc & look forward for your next post. You’re great – keep going! ♥

Lexi Walz

Oh my that picture of your dog is too funny! Love it. I took a pottery class in high school and I was terrible… It definitely looks easier than it is.


Audrey Lin

Wicked is one of my favorite musicals, right up along with The Lion King! And of course the classic Phantom of the Opera 😛 I watched Les Mis on DVD (the Broadway musical version, and the film version but that's not what I mean haha) but I'd really like to see it in person! Anyways, I love that first article you linked 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Kaitlin Olivero

Omg, that Teddy picture is the best. I'm always worried when I leave my pup Jack at daycare or boarding, but your description is dead on. He's dirty, stinky, tired… and happy! He is the sweetest cuddlebug when we pick him up 🙂 Also, that Olivia Benson hair infographic… amazing.

Kaitlin |

Hannah B. Slaughter

Ate the kale salad at The Penrose last week. They way they've styled that space is fabulous! And serious props for trying pottery. I've taken lessons and find it really soothing now, but it took quite a while to move from the "Argh!" to the zen stage.


That adorable photo of Teddy reminds me of my late Shih Tzu, Rahley. He assumed the "flat dog" position all the time. He would lie on the side of the road when we (tried) to walk him, and need to be carried home. It could be embarrassing at times, but I'd give anything to experience those things again. The quirkier the better 🙂

You absolutely have to watch this puppy video.

It's kind of a pixelated but it's still a must see 🙂


Noises are THE worst! I literally cannot stand ANY ambient noise at all. Sometimes even hearing music that I normally enjoy makes me want to put my head through a wall 🙁