Organize, Please… Clothes & Shoes

One of my fears about moving to New York City was that I wouldn’t have room for my clothes. (It wasn’t very high up on my “fears list,” but it was still something I thought of frequently.) I pictured myself as Carrie-Bradshawing my apartment. That is, storing clothes in every nook I could think of– including the oven.
The great news is that my apartment ended up having ample closet space. Not as big as my closet at home, but definitely workable. WOO!
I love a color coded closet as much as the next girl, but I had a bunch of different seasons of clothing and types of clothing too. Instead of color coding, I organized by type. 
From left to right: Fancy dresses, work-type dresses, casual dresses, button ups, summery dresses (will be moved to the end shortly to bring fall things closer to the front), and sweaters.
I really like this system because I can go to a section of the closet when I’m putting together an outfit. I don’t have to sort through all the blue dresses and shirts just to find a blue sweater.
On the shelf, I stacked summer skirts, fun pants, regular jeans, fall skirts, t-shirts, and then summer shorts. It’s kind of a pain to make sure everything is folded nicely, but it really does look better and works great for me.

Weird angle, but I have another rack up there! It’s super high so I can’t exactly reach it for daily things, but it’s going to be a great solution should I need a space to store out of season clothing. (I have a great step stool that I use for reaching all the tall things!!!)

Lifeguard Press sent me these Lilly Pulitzer storage boxes when I moved in!!! Isn’t that sweet? They’re also amazing for being sort of a “catch all” in my closet. They’re super roomy, but also collapsable in case your storage needs change over time. 

I am using the large bin for scarves, boot socks, hats, gloves, bathing suits, and belts. I am keeping it half full so everything is accessible and neat, but seriously I could load this baby up with a bunch of stuff.
The small one is genius. I had been storing my clutches in my totes and my totes hanging off the end of my bed. Seriously, every night they would slip off and crash to the ground. Every. Night. Finally, this bin is a great place for my handbags, totes, clutches, and even umbrellas.

I also had to do something about my shoes. I kept my boots in the closet since they stand up, but what to do with all those ballet flats and such? The under the bed storage bins are amazing.

One of them holds all my sweatshirts that I’m not quite ready to wear yet. I haven’t really touched this one at all since packing it in the first place.

Here are the shoes!
Did I mention that I have a second closet? Ah-mazing. 
I’m using the second one for coats and jackets and shoes I don’t wear on an everyday basis.

The shoe rack is a great way to save space

What tips do you have for organizing shoes and clothes?

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The Cardinal Planner

I organize my clothes by season/type as well! My dresses are arranged almost exactly like yours (from formal to summery) haha. I also have a lot of storage boxes/bins and a vertical shoe rack which is super ideal for saving space in my dorm room. You are so fortunate to have two closets! Oh and I really like your idea of storing clutches/totes in a bin…



I organize by season, and when I'm low on space like I am now, I space bag the waaay out of season stuff (like cute shorts and tank tops I KNOW there's no way I'll be able to use in the winter) and then pack all the space bags in other storage. It really helps me see everything I can actually use and wear in a season, as well as helps keep my space from getting too cram packed with everything I own!


I have to know… where did you get the under the bed storage bins? They are seemingly perfect for fitting under the bed, storing items, and not getting bent!

I,too organize my closet by season and type rather than color. I used to do color but, you're right, everything gets jumbled!


More ideas for shoe storage – go to the liquor store and ask for empty wine boxes with dividers. These are perfect to line up along the bottom of the closet and hold everything but boots! Just wrap in pretty paper to coordinate with your room. And as for the boots – stand them up tall with empty wine bottles!

xx BHB

#1 NYC tip for clothes – you HAVE to rotate by season. When summer weather truly goes away, take all of your summer stuff out of your closet and just store it elsewhere. Everybody I know does this – friends whose parents live close-ish to NYC sometimes store off season clothes at their parents' and swap out every 6 months. It makes a massive difference. Yes, you fit everything in your closet now, but even giving two more inches of bar space will just make it feel breezier and less crammed in.

#2 NYC tip – after 4.5 years here, I have totally shed my packrat tendencies. Nothing superfluous stays!


Where are those penny loafers from!? I saw them in an older post and needed to ask- they're adorable!!!