Organize, Please- Computer

College Prep Spoiler: A NEW desktop wallpaper is available at the bottom of the post! enjoy 🙂

I have some serious issues when it comes to keeping my laptop desktop a certain way. I have this friend. And every time I see his computer, I try to organize the desktop. He used to get so mad at me. I really try not to start filing and organizing things, but I can’t help it.

I’m picky about how mine looks. If it’s clean the way I like it, I’m happy. If I’m happy, I can work productively. I can instantly tell if someone’s been messing with something on my computer because there are things minimized (BIG no, no). And windows are all moved around!!!

Here’s how I keep things neat and tidy:

I have “corners” set up on my macbook’s track pad.
  • Bottom left: moves all windows to display my regular desktop. This must be neat and orderly.
This picture shows what it looks like when I move the windows. Please note, no random files scattered about.
  • Top right: Spreads all the windows into one plane. I don’t like extra windows to be open. I keep Firefox, iChat, and mail. That’s it. If I’m working at school, an office application is typically up though.
  • Bottom right: Opens up my dashboard. Weather, Dictionary, Sudoku, calculator.
Moving on.

I line up the edge of Firefox with the time. This ensures that I can see my three desktop folders: Pictures, BLOG, and Inspiration.

The Documents folder that fans out looks like this:

I organize all my school documents with my Georgetown folder:

And each semester has its own folder. And each class has its own folder within the semester folder within the Georgetown folder.

This makes finding things SO much easier.

And make sure to BACK THINGS UP!

right click on picture, open in new tab, save image, make background!


Oh, and don’t forget the GIVEAWAY lovelies 🙂

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Loved this post. Once I get my new computer I'm going to keep everything organized. Love the new background too.

Preppy 101

I really appreciate this post. I have a very structured setup too! And I have a great friend who just has stuff all over her desktop. I was using her computer one day so I reorganized everything according to "kind". Oops. She had her own system so I had totally messed up her system. Now I don't mess with anyone's desktop. {I also have to have my trash empty at all times.} 🙂 xoxo


LOVE the new background! I must admit, I went from hyper-desktop organizer to total desktop disaster thanks to campaigning… got fix that when my new Mac comes in next week.



Haha I have the same hot corners set up but flipped right=left and left=right. Macs make it so easy to organize your computer stuff, which I love, especially with itunes, how you just add music and it automatically sorts it all by artist, perfect.


Love this! All of my icons on my desktop are in a column on the left hand side, in alphabetical order. 🙂 No extra icons, just the few I use the most.

garden state prep

The new wallpaper is so cute! My desktop is practically empty and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the same way on my work computer and my coworkers are always commenting because their desktops are cluttered with icons and shortcuts!


How do you get the background on your toolbar in Safari? It's so cute! I have a mac but I totally don't use it to it's full potential, haha.


i am so glad i'm not the only one who does this! i love that external hardrive you suggested and am totally going to get one! p.s. love the new wallaper; i have it up now 🙂


Yeah, the background of your toolbar is so cute! Please share where you got it!


Hint: The toolbar is in Firefox, not Safari. I get comments on mine all the time too (it has these cute owls on it. i'm in love)

Also hey there wallpaper twin =P