Oyster Bay Roadtrip

Sometimes I can feel a little “trapped” in Manhattan. The good thing is that there is plenty to do around here so it’s not like I’m bored or feel isolated. But getting out of the city can be a hassle and sometimes not worth it in the end. After months of back to back travel, I decided to stay put for a while this summer. Besides a quick afternoon jaunt to New Jersey recently, I honestly hadn’t left the city all summer. I finally got the itch to get out again. And perfect timing. GM lent me a car for a week and it is the definition of freedom in the city.
I considered getting a car in the spring, but ultimately decided against it. This is making me reconsider… being able to just go anywhere (and actually grocery shop) is really nice. The car was delivered on Friday morning and I had to quickly get over my fear of driving in the city. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I ended up driving around the neighborhood for about thirty minutes just trying to find a spot to park in. One thing I also discovered, I’ve never actually had to parallel park. They don’t require it on the driving test in Florida and, while I learned with my instructor, I’ve never had to put it to use. Ah!
We’ve (aka Garrett) has been driving the Chevy Traverse and we both love it. Three rows of seats!!! Who wants a ride?!

We didn’t really have plans on taking the car anywhere on Friday, but between the long weekend and actually having a car it was too tempting to not take advantage. After a failed first attempt at an adventure with Teddy in tow, we decided to go visit Garrett’s friends from work who live out in Oyster Bay. A little drive around the town, “shopping” for houses, and then a picnic out by the water. I can’t even describe to you how relaxing it was… just being by the water makes me feel like a new person again!

Theodore Roosevelt’s home is located in Oyster Bay so we went by for a visit. Unfortunately, it’s closed for renovations, but it was still nice to walk around and stretch our legs a bit.
Garrett’s friends (Dale on the left and Cody on the right) volunteer for fire departments in Oyster Bay so it was really great to tour the stations and see how they’re run. Garrett was happy to be back in a fire station again!
^^ Snapped from the window of the car… So beautiful! I didn’t want to head back to the city. (But for spoilers on how the rest of the weekend went, check out my Instagram!)
I’m wearing: Lilly Pulitzer dress (old, here’s a cute shift option though), Monogrammed Jack Rogers (c/o), Monogrammed Crossbody (c/o), Ray-Bans
PS I requested a pitstop at Target. It was heaven on earth. (I’ve obviously been to Target since moving here and I shop online all the time, but it was being in a Target with a car with a trunk and being able to buy everything to bring home. I FILLED that cart with everything. All kinds of groceries that are insanely expensive in the city. I had to actually rearrange and reorganize all my cabinets in my apartment because I couldn’t get everything to fit. A great problem, if you ask me. 

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Chloe Logan

As a metro Detroiter, I've grown up relying uniquely on cars–no decent mass transit here, as they want to encourage auto sales. When I spent my semester in D.C., I was in for a shock when I went grocery shopping…how do people lug toilet paper, milk, and paper towels around the city?! How do you keep your eggs from breaking?! Such a hassle! I know big cities have grocery delivery, and I did try it once, but it was still somewhat of a hassle. Sigh. I'm glad you got your Target fix, though (I was there today!), and these photos are just stunning!

Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

Sylvia Dennis

Isn't it great to have a car in the city? We have one in London and drive it all the time for grocery shopping or just on sunday when parking is free we go right in the centre facing jcrew and shop shop shop 🙂 We drove in Manhattan last summer with a rented car and it was actually not that bad!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!



Great pictures. Such a cute dress. I haven't been to Oyster Bay in years. My dad used to keep his boat in a slip over there when I was growing up. It was really close to our home & convinent. We used to take off from there & head up to CT. Hope you enjoyed the village.

I got rid of my car 5yrs ago and have regretted it every since. It sat in the garage at my moms house on Long Island. Finally one day my mom said, are you ever going to use this car again? I'm still making payments on it missy! Needless to say, she sold it. Very jealous of you! (new post today)


I live in Boston, and just re-registered my car so I would be able to get a resident parking sticker. It has been life changing to have the flexibility of having it in the city. I am lucky though in that my parents live just outside the city, so when I don't need it, it stays in their garage! A full time car in the city would be difficult!

Glad you were able to get to Target though, perfect time of year to do a good stock up!



I can't imagine not being able to just hop in my car and drive to Target! Although it would probably be better for my wallet if it weren't so easy… sounds like you had a fun weekend!

xo Julie


Such a cute dress! But that last picture is exactly what I fear about some day moving to the city, not having groceries readily available, having to carry everything, and not being able to shop at Target as much. I grew up in a small town so that would be such a large change for me.