lucky duck

I have two lucky pieces of jewelery. I’m not superstitious really… but there’s something about my bracelet and necklace. I wear them very often. I can’t take a test without them.I wear them when I don’t feel well.When I miss home.When I’m happy.If I need courage.When I’m nervous.While I’m doing something scary. All kinds of…


i hope you dance

Sporty Sister had her prom this past Saturday. She looked beautiful. Stacy and her date.So Florida.Gorgeous girls.Cute little Yen Yen.Hello, bow tie. *** Looking through her pictures allowed me to reflect on my senior prom. I didn’t have a date. No surprise there (haha?). But I wore a Lilly dress which made the night that…



Here’s a confession of my own. Confession: My legs are very short. They used to be SUPER long though. Embarrassingly long. I was one of those gangly kids in elementary school. You know, knobby knees, ankles that looked like they would break any minute, and weirdly skinny. Fifth grade graduation picnic. [Such a weird picture……


Fabric Covered Buttons

I recently did a post about past projects I’ve done that used Lilly fabric. I was going through my iPhoto albums and came across these bows. I completely forgot that I had made them. I’m pretty sure they’re in the back of one of my sister’s vanity drawers. Note to self: Must find! I googled…


Tie One On

I was tweeted a fabulous tip this week! My Vineyard Vines tote has sadly been retired (except for the occasional trip to the boathouse). But this tote is just too perfect… it may have to find it’s way to my little dorm! Sorry my posts this week have been short and very shopping centered… I’ve…



Kerry from Preppy Perfection just posted something that is so, so, so true! Ode to Nice Girls Kerry is such a sweetheart and recently looked out for me 🙂 Check out her blog (and her completely accurate new post) xoxo I feel like pictures taken with boyfriends reveal the best smiles 🙂


Giggles, curls, ribbons, and bows

She is so adorable from head to toe. Nordstrom bow necklaceKate Spade bangleBetsey Johnson ringMarc Jacobs necklaceKate Spade ringBetsey Johnson earringsKate Spade ring California Funk and others have fun pulling the ribbons out of my hair all the time. Did anyone else read Ramona Quimby books? Remember how Ramona got in trouble for pulling Susan’s…


Lilly Fabric Giveaway

Lauren Nicole is giving away this lovely Lilly fabric!!! I’m almost tempted not to post about it, because I want it!!! Haha… What would I do with Lilly fabric? Make more Lilly pennants! This is my freshman dorm… I miss it!And more Yo-Yo t-shirts! And Lilly shotglasses! OK, go run to Lauren Nicole and fill…