All in the Family!

The other day, my Grandma emailed me a picture of herself from when she was younger.  First, let me tell you that she is extremely technologically advanced for any generation.  I get text messages… Yes, TEXTS… from her throughout the day. Clearly, my love for ribbons and bows is genetic! -College Prepster


All I need is warm weather!

I love Soccer Mom.  She knows me way too well!  She bought me the absolute cutest Lilly dresses and shipped them up to me!  They’re a smidge too big, but nothing a couple of darts can’t fix.  She also bought a vineyard vines halter top in the cutest pattern and bermuda shorts.  Unfortunately, they’re both…



I’m not used to the weather still being cold.  I mean, hello: It’s almost April!  Friday was even the first official day of Spring, but it was still so cold!  I really was in the mood to wear a springy dress, preferably Lilly.  Instead, I had to opt for a sweater and jeans. Again. I…


Won’t Need These Today…

Yesterday was the first glimpse of spring!  It was a little windy, but the temperature was definitely in the “warm” category!  I was planning on writing my next blog on the cutest croakie that one of my best friends gave me for graduation.  Of course, it’s monogrammed.   For practice, I normally have my hands…


Two More Hours!

I was going to post this earlier, but I haven’t had time!!! Tucker Blair is having a St. Patrick’s Day sale! I posted about them earlier and love love love the headbands! Type in stpatty for 25% off! -College Prepster


Spring Break is Over!

I know, I know.. I’ve been gone for so long!  I’ve really tried to keep up with everyone else’s blogs though.  I cannot begin to tell you how crazy this past week has been. Spring training is an intense week of eating, sleeping, team bonding, and, of course, rowing.  I won’t go into all of…


Spring “Break”

I’m been a bit out of the blogging loop.  I’ve been so busy!  I last posted on Thursday.  I was exhausted Thursday night and didn’t have the energy to study for my spanish quiz, but that meant I had to wake up extra early to study before class.  It was a bit more difficult than…


The Case of the Missing Bathing Suit

I just love love love Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits… I’m typing this as I eat Girl Scout cookies… Hmmm… Anyways.. First, let me say how I am not a fan of the beach.  I have very pale skin and the sun is not my friend.  My family always ends up going to the beach for vacations…


The Write Stuff

Handle With Care comes out today!!! Go get it!!! I’m getting it on Friday… AFTER my accounting midterm.  I am so excited.  I love reading Jodi Picoult’s novels.  She is an amazing author.  She went to Princeton University, so clearly she’s one smart cookie. Now that I’m on the topic of writers: Ciaran Carson came and…