No Lilly :(

Due to my team’s practices during spring break, I won’t be able to attend the Martha- Lilly show after all. I am so disappointed. 🙁



I am seriously freaking out right now!!! My roommate thinks I’m officially psychotic.   I was studying and I got an email on my Blackberry saying I got tickets to the Martha show!!!  I’m not sure if they did another round of tickets after the initial batch or not though. After I didn’t receive an email about…


Lilly Pulitzer Pennants

Part 2 This is the promised second part to my Lilly Pulitzer Table Runner post.  This summer I discovered  I would spend hours perusing the site for adorable items.  I found these really cute “Happy Birthday” pennants, and thought this would be great for my dorm.  Of course, they would just HAVE to be…


Lilly Pulitzer Table Runner

This is going to be a Two Part post… Part 1 As if it wasn’t obvious enough: I LOVE Lilly!  Graduation parties are a pretty big deal at my high school.  I really didn’t want to have a solo one because I think it’s a little ostentatious.  Soccer Mom insisted that I have one at…


This is Just Fantastic!

When I was home this weekend, I visited my favorite store, of course!  I went on Monday morning to look at all the springy clothes!  I lusted over the Lilly skorts and Vineyard Vines dresses.  The owner, whom I absolutely adore, told me they were getting a new shipment of clothes that afternoon.  She assured…


My Little Secret!

SHH!!! I’m about to reveal one of my best kept secrets.  OK.. Confession: I don’t keep it a secret it all!  I tell everyone, so why not tell my blog friends, too! I’ve already proclaimed my obsession with bows and ribbon.  “Where do I get my ribbon?” you may ask.. THE BEST WEBSITE IN THE…


Back to the Basics

With spring just around the corner, I’m dying to bring out my “springy” clothes!  I seriously cannot wait to wear my shift dresses and critter shorts!  While fun prints and bright colors are exciting, sometimes it’s nice to just be able to throw on a comfortable outfit, while still looking put together.  I think the…


I’ve been tagged! :)

SEVEN THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME: 1.  I don’t sleep with a pillow.  I haven’t since I was little.  All my friends thought I was crazy when I would have sleepovers.  It’s also a little disappointing because my pillows in my dorm are so cute (pink and monogrammed, of course)!   2.  I’m a…


Too Hot To Think

I am in love with the unseasonably warm weather.  I thought that I would enjoy going to school in the north (Yea, I know, DC isn’t really the north) but I have certainly missed the warm winters from back home.   There is one problem with the warm weather, however: THE HEAT STAYS ON.  (Ironically, we…