Pinodesk Illustrations

I have to share this amazing artwork! Anna, the artist behind Pinodesk, painted this from a photo in this outfit post. She tagged me on Instagram and I was floored. How incredibly talented is she?! I really think she captured the whole thing perfectly, especially my yellow dress! I feel so honored!
I also wanted to mention that she has an Etsy shop where she sells her prints. She even does custom work like couples, fashion portraits, and groups.

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Eleanor Wells

Carly, as an artist like the woman at Pinodesk, I find it rather distasteful and even tacky that you Rstyled the links to her Etsy shop. I don't think you should be making money off of her talent. It's a beautiful painting and it's great that you are giving her work some publicity, but it just doesn't seem fair or honest for you to make money while doing so.


I'm obsessed with Pinodesk! She did a drawing of me as well and it's seriously amazing! She's so talented! I'm absolutely in love with this drawing she did of you!

Xoxo, Katelyn //