Postcards from Ireland

In addition to this morning’s itinerary from Ireland, I thought I’d include some fun iPhone snaps here. I filled my camera roll up with photos this trip. I tried to go through and organize them on the plane home and it was like reliving each place all over again.
Mount Juliet was hosting a wedding when we first arrived. Everyone kept saying how lucky the bride and groom was for the gorgeous weather. (We saw so many weddings throughout the trip and everyone seemed to be basking in the glorious sunshine!) We felt lucky because we could hear the orchestra playing music all afternoon as we walked around the property!
The horses on the property were gorgeous and friendly. Look closely in the bottom photo for an extra set of short legs… the foals were soooooo cute and sweet. 
In front of the Kilkenny Castle before dinner. We didn’t get there in time for a tour but loved walking around the property. There’s a massive lawn there and we wished we had brought a picnic for dinner outside as the whole town was out enjoying the sunshine!
How cool are these houses in Cobh? There are rows and rows and rows of colorful houses everywhere in this coastal town. The four of us ordered fish and chips for lunch!
^^ Kissing the Blarney Stone! Legend has it that kissing the Blarney Stone gives the kisser the “gift of gab.” It doesn’t look that scary, but you have to really scootch down to get your lips to touch it!
The picture below is one of my favorite group shots, we loved Blarney Castle!
The manor house on the property didn’t look real to me! 
A view from the very first stop while driving the Ring of Kerry!
Derrynane Abbey is thought to be built in the 500s. Not much of it is left, but what is is still pretty incredible. It was so peaceful next to the water like that. The sign said that it can only be accessed at low tide.
The Cliffs of Kerry were so beautiful. As much as I loved the view (despite being terrified of the height!), the sounds of the crashing waves is what I think I’ll remember the most.
There aren’t too many things better than seeing sheep every five seconds.  I had to stop myself from taking four hundred photos. This little guy was trotting alongside our van one morning!
Ice cream in Dingle from Murphy’s– thank you to everyone who commented and snapchatted us the recommendation. We loved it. I went with the berry but Garrett got the Irish coffee flavor… omg it was so good. 
The Cliffs of Moher. We had a tiny bit of fog when we got there but it almost immediately started burning off from the warm sun. See how early we got there? Very few people were walking around yet!
Ashford Castle. I mean, it’s simply beautiful. We rented bikes for the day and loved bopping around the property. Some businessmen had shown up with two helicopters (one for the luggage, duh) and the helicopters were flying around kind of showing off, but it was still awesome. I felt like we had walked onto the set of Princess Diaries!
The whole group! We had so much fun traveling together. I posted some tips on how to road trip with friends last year after Alaska and they still ring true. I think it really says something about a friendship if you can spend nine days together pretty much crammed into a car (see below) and still have a ridiculously fun time, still be great friends, and still text every two seconds even after we’re back home. We loved listening to the Irish radio (hilarious), picking up junk food at gas stations (hello sugar highs), and talking about our favorite parts of the trip plus what we were looking forward to. 
It’s also really weird/funny to see how the dynamics of the group work out with different personalities. Garrett and Julia definitely make sure the group is having fun and Thomas and I definitely make sure we’re on schedule! It works out perfect so that we’re having fun and not missing reservations or getting someplace after it’s already closed. 
I said it after Alaska, but if you have the chance to travel with friends… do it! It’s such a unique experience and way different than traveling alone or even with family.
The birds at Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge were going crazy. We could not have gotten luckier with the weather and it seemed like everyone, including the birds, were rejoicing. It’s kind of hard to tell in the photo, but the water was legitimately crystal clear. You could see straight to the bottom; it looked like a tropical island!
After successfully crossing the rope bridge and making it back in one piece. I love that you can see someone crossing the bridge in the background!
Dublin is a surprisingly easy flight from NYC. I’d definitely put it at the top of my list of places I’d want to visit again. One day was not enough. Even though this was the only day it rained (poured really!) for us, it was still so much fun to walk around and take in the city. 
The Trinity Library is well worth the wait and ticket price. 

I’ve been having too much fun going through photos and printing them out! I keep forgetting about certain snaps and then when Garrett prints it, it’s like being right back there all over again!

In case you missed our Itinerary…. here’s where we went!

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Tori Moore

Wow, Ireland is so beautiful! My parents took me there when I was just 10 months old so obviously I don't remember it – but I definitely need to go back! Can't wait to hear more about this trip!!


Megan CC

I'm really glad you got to see the Library at Trinity College! my friend and I hopped over to Ireland for a couple days one spring break and she skipped it because it was too expensive. She loves old books so I told her she really missed out on a treat.
My family and I drove around England and Scotland last year. We wanted to add in Ireland but felt that we wouldnt do her justice and that she deserved her own trip, especially since my dad is part Irish and doesn't know that side very well. Your post this morning confirmed that Ireland needs her own extended trip. Great recap!

Audrey Lin

What do you do with all the printed photos? I printed my photos for the first time in a long time last school year to put them up in my dorm room. I've never printed photos previously because I didn't know where I'd put them! Which is why I love having my blog as a digital diary 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


The sheep, the countryside and the castles are just so breathtaking. Exactly what i think of when I think of Ireland except I definitely don't think of so many other people being there! 🙂

Jen | The Emerald Girl

Julia Engel

YOU GUYS!!!! We miss you so much already. Even though our mini van was crammed, I miss our singing sessions and gas station stops 🙁 x J

Hope Woodhouse

All of your snaps are gorgeous! They make me want to hop on a plane to Ireland right now! I can't wait to see so many more! 🙂