Preppy Halloween

Rabbit, Rabbit!
It’s officially October. What better way to kick off the month than with a post about preppy costumes!?!
I’ve gotten tons of questions about preppy Halloween costumes on tumblr!

So I decided to make a CP post about it!

I am so not-a-fan of trashy costumes. And I hate the excuse “college is the time to get dressing trashy out of the way.” Um. Never.

Okay, here are some examples,

Little V as Eloise, Helen as an equestrian girl, and I was a sailor.

Little V’s costume was a bunch of kids clothes. I’m pretty sure her shirt is a size 4t. My dress is from ModCloth.

Freshman Year, I was a ballerina! Someone from my floor dressed like me…. thanks?

I used my OLD ballet bag for the night! haha… Also it was cold, so I wore a Northface fleece.

Haha… JUST KIDDING. This was a themed party.

I’m not a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn posters… but it’d be a super easy costume! This picture is from my high school graduation, but the black dress would be perf for a Audrey costume.

I think the trick is to not buy a costume from a bag. ( Ew.) Sporty Sister and her friends had a princess tea party and all dressed up like Disney princesses. But they used clothes they all already had! Unique and fun!!!

Here’s a costume I wore for a Rick’s Cafe (soph year)… GoGo dancers!

(this could potentially cross over into the trashy side depending on how you wear it… So be careful!)

Other easy costumes:
Nerd, cowgirl, Nancy Drew (penny loafers anyone?)….. Any other ideas?

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Moonlight Serenade

Love the sailor costume! I always feel like I have great ideas for costumes, but am too lazy to execute those ideas and spend the time prepping them when Halloween is close.


those are great costume ideas! and i agree, i'm not a fan of trashy costumes either. halloween shouldn't be an excuse to be all trashy, right? haha. 😀 i'm thinking of getting a UPS-colored jumpsuit and being a UPS delivery person. 😉

p.s. i am a new follower.

<3, Mimi


You have such great ideas, and I completely agree about the trashiness issue! This year I'm going to be a lobster, i found this funny lobster hat in the kids section of a store on marthas vineyard this summer and now I just need to wear red!