Sally Draper Style

Mad Men has to be one of the best shows. Ever. I love the pace. I love the characters. I love the drama. I love… the style!
One summer, I watched the entire series (as many episodes that were out at the time). Hooked would be an understatement. Now that season seven is about to start (!) and season six is now on Netflix (!!), I’ve been trying to ration myself on watching the show. I simply can’t get enough. (Plus, I love going back and rewatching my favorite episodes.)
Amy and I were gchatting (#typical) and discussing our favorite characters. She, for some unknown reason, likes Pete. While Don is up there, Little Miss Sally Draper gets me every time. She’s a little bit insane, but who can blame her? Don and Betty are her parents, after all. You can’t grow up with Cannot Be Bothered Betty and not have a few issues, right?
Her style is also perfection. (Well, Sally and Kiernan.)

#styleicon. Did I mention that she’s only 14 years old? (I also love that she dresses 100% age appropriately. Too many young teenagers are trying to look 25…)
Anyone else in love with Mad Men? Who is your favorite character?

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Jessica Cangiano

She really is growing up these days and becoming such a stylish, lovely young woman.

My favourite MM character tends to fluctuate. I wouldn't say everyone has held the title, but several have over the years, with Joan, Roger and Don typically being the three that I'd call my favourites most often.

♥ Jessica

amy h @ leopardspot

COMPLETELY in love with Mad Men!! I am devastated that it is ending 🙁 I very recently got into it (definitely a 2014 obsession) and I love the way it completely takes me out of the present day and "into" the 1960's!

I'm really loving fuller, longer skirts and I keep referencing Betty as my inspiration while shopping for one!

xx, Amy @ leopardspot (the blog)


I love Peggy… I see so much of myself in her (sans illegitimate child). Am so devastated that the show is ending. I've been going back and watching the entire series from the beginning while on the elliptical at night!


Love it! I keep trying to get into Mad Men and I'm told I just have to tough it out for the first several episodes and I'll be hooked. I do love the styles, for sure!

Amber Lee Rosenzweig

LOVE Mad Men and these photos! It's exam season though so I'm really wishing I wouldn't have just read this because that means I totally want to binge watch the last six seasons on Netflix!

Brittany Lee

Mad Men has been in my queue to watch for SO LONG, and I absolutely love the styles on the show.
I've been reading a lot of blog posts about Mad Men lately, so I might just have to move it up on the list.

Fabulously Unprepared


Please tell me that you read Suri's Burn Book! She's obsessed with Kiernan Shipka and it's hilarious! She's so well dressed.

Leslie Smith

I actually love love love Pete but honestly my favorite character is absolutely Trudy, Pete's wife. Well, they are separated, but still. HER STYLE (#swoon). She's arguably the most steadfast and brave woman in the show, and everyone always forgets about her!