Seeing Spots

FYI… I am obsessed with polka dots right now.
I’ve been wearing them way too much (if there really even is such a thing). And I am continuously drawn to more and more polka dots with every passing minute it seems like.

Even my earbuds have polka dots!
Kate Spade is doing a fun little Instagram campaign to celebrate the pattern of the month (polka dots!). Love it!
Speaking of Kate Spade: Are you in NYC for FNO? I’ll be at Broome Street store playing some games!
Shop some polka dots below by scrolling through the widgets below:
J. Crew
Kate Spade

Old Navy


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Polka dots are the cutest. I'm currently going through my closet in my head to see how many dotted items I own…may need to invest in some more.

Also, you might just be seeing me at Kate Spade tomorrow. I'm going to take a walk around to visit some of my favorite bloggers.

Penny Denver

The first paragraph of your post illustrates just how self-centered and out of touch you really are. "Woe is me, my birthday parties were sparsely attended because my friends were too busy summering." Has it ever occured to you that very few children are fortunate to have family who are around for their birthdays, let alone afford parties every year? Or that maybe birthdays should be spent celebrating your health and the people in your life instead of lamenting whatever trivial things AREN'T going exactly your way?

My hunch is that your birthdays were sparsely attended because you are too self-centered and materialistic to have any real friends.

Bailey Humphrey

I am actually wearing that old navy chambray shirt with poppy orange jeans today for picture day! I love it!!!!! I also love your polka dot pants! Too cute!


Can't get enough polka dots lately– especially white on navy! Love all of your picks– might have to stop into an Old Navy with all of those!

Julia D.

SO jealous that you get to go to FNO. Leave it to Kate Spade to host the cutest contest. Loving the polka dots as well, no such thing as wearing them too much.



Seeing Spots

I’m on a polka dot craze right now. Thankfully, I blew through my monthly budget on cab rides… which means I have no money for clothes! Double thankfully, I went shopping with Stephanie and gave her strict orders to not let me buy anything. Triple thankfully, I actually walked out of the store empty handed.
So during the event I hosted at Madewell I kept gravitating towards the polka dots. And they were honestly everywhere. We swung by another event going on at J. Crew (which apparently wasn’t actually even happening….?) and found a lot more polka dots.
The one thing that I had the hardest time not buying was this pair of pants!!! Hello, they’re so cute! (PS there’s Steph in the background!) Also, I had a dress on so I threw on a t-shirt to try the pants on, so disregard the shirt.
I can’t find the polka dot version of the pants online, but they do have other cute patterns. They’re the Cafe Capri. I think they run a little on the big side, so I suggest trying to go down a size.
More Polka Dot Favorites:
I also tried on these shoes:
So much fun!

Who else is loving dots?!?!?!?!?!
(Clearly I’ve gone crazy for polka dots.)

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