Sheryl Sandberg

Wow! This week was crazy amazing for the Levo League team. I’m so thrilled to be a member of the team. Seriously, beaming. Everyone is amazing. Between an impromptu Easter egg hunt (we’ll be finding eggs for years), some harmless April Fools pranks, and a late-night poetry slam… it’s been a lot of fun. But despite the fun, we had a big week in general.
If you didn’t get a chance to watch the event live, I highly recommend watching. Sheryl Sandberg was incredibly real. (As in, both Tiffany Dufu and Sheryl Sandberg were both tearing up a little bit.) I had goosebumps the entire time.
We had a team meeting in the auditorium that morning. I can’t even describe the energy we could feel even before anyone arrived. You know how people say that energy is “electric”? I completely understand what they mean now. 
Oh, hey.

Some of the amazing team. In an elevator. With a whole lot of coffee.

It’s seriously amazing that just over a year ago, I met Amanda… look at us now! It’s incredible to be a part of a working environment that is so much closer to a family than merely co-workers.

Tiffany is truly an incredible leader. She just joined our team and I am beyond thrilled. Having her in the office every day is wonderful. Her family is beautiful and she always has the best stories to share. Her vision and passion is contagious. (You can ask her questions here!)

I was managing the social media team so I was in the green room. It was really cool to see the amount of conversation happening online, around the world. I’ve never seen anything like it. Sheryl also killed it. I cried.

The one and only Leslie– have you found your “Leslie” yet? And obviously a guest appearance by Maxie! These girls make my days at Levo that much better.

(Um… #OfficeHours trended on Twitter. I died.)
PS As if all this is not enough, we also just launched our #Ask4More 2013 campaign! Join the movement here!!
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I'm waiting for her book impatiently and can't wait to join some of the Lean In groups around my area. Her office hour was incredible. I'm exciting for all the new features on Levo League site have been added. and that movement is incredible!