Sock Bun

I’ve succumbed to the sock bun trend.
(In case you are unfamiliar with the sock bun, check out this video tutorial by Wendy’s Lookbook.)
Now, I know tons of “fashion bloggers” can pull off this look for an everyday hairstyle. While I wish I were bold enough to rock a casual sock bun on a regular day, it’s just not very Carly. My friend Courtney wears sock buns all the time and they always look perfect!!! The first time I met her she had this fantastic bun and I remember telling Mackenzie how jealous I was that she could pull it off. It definitely got the wheels spinning in my head about how I eventually wanted to wear one… it just had to be the perfect time and place!
Even Stephanie hopped on the trend and while we were shopping in Georgetown a few months ago. Sock buns get their name because you create a donut using and old cut up sock… but we found these hair donuts that work much better. You can get them in different colors based on your personal hair color (so you don’t see it in your hair at all. We each bought one and Steph put hers in right on M St. (Quite a funny sight for anyone who happened to be around us!)
This was the first time I tried putting one in… and I liked the result! A lot… but I was still a bit apprehensive about actually wearing one outside. I really would never consider myself “trendy” or even super fashionable so I felt like I would look like I was trying to hard.
So the poor little hair donut sat in my drawer for a long time.
The night before graduation at Georgetown, the school throws a ball for the senior class and their families. I hunted high and low for the perfect dress. (Remember this post?) I went back and forth on length (short vs. long) and color… and ended up purchasing a dress online and having it overnighted. I seriously picked it up from the RHO the day before the ball… talk about cutting it short.
(Side note: Could Sporty Sister and I be anymore different???)
My dress: J. Crew
Sister’s Dress: Vince Camuto 
I thought that with my tea-length dress, a slick and clean (versus a casual messy) sock bun would look more like an up-do chic hairstyle! I was super happy with how it turned out… no one could believe how quick it took to do. Sporty Sister and I got ready together and I had the bun complete in the time it took her to put makeup on one eye!
I was so excited to finally have be able to show Courtney that I was wearing a sock bun hahaha… She was the one who told me all the good tricks for making it look good!
Some more pictures from the ball:

All of the sophomore sisters! California Funk and Georgetown Boy both have sisters that are the same age as Sporty Sister… four years later and they were all finally in the same room!!!!!!! (I think I was more excited about this than anyone else.)
Has anyone else worn a sock bun before? Do you use a hair donut or a sock?

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Long time reader, first time commenter! Where did you and Sporty Sister get your dresses? You both look gorgeous!

By the way, I purchased a sock bun awhile ago but was hesitant to use it. I think you might have inspired me to try it out!

Lauren Alyse

We used to do sock buns using socks for colorguard, so it took me a while to see it as a fashionable hairstyle. But since my hair is pretty long (mid-back), I use the sock bun as the "go to" style when I want it out of my face. And I still use an actual sock (but in brown to match my hair) 🙂

Southern Charm

I love that the sock bun is a trend now! In high school we had to wear the real sock bun for color guard and we always complained about them and how boring they were. Also, for someone with thin hair it's really hard to cover a sock! But now I've seen these donuts here in London I think its time I give it another try! Yours looks so cute and classy 🙂

Stephanie Marie

Love the sock bun Carly and I’ve always loved Courtney Kerr — Looks great on you both!

(Just saying hello from )


Back in middle school, one of my classmates had the most perfect bun and when she told me it was a sock I was in shock (that wasn't supposed to rhyme…) Its so clever and simple!

You and your family looked beautiful at the ball!

katie lake

I discovered the mesh donut thingies last year just after my wedding and was SO mad I didn't find it two weeks earlier. I wanted a big, low bun for my wedding and it was definitely not what I got. I had to do reshoots of my bridal portraits after so I used it to make a big bun then. I like to call it a Ballerina Bun.


Ah I just purchased a donut and am still so nervous to try it out! You look adorable in it, and the ball looks like such a fantastic time!

Julia D.

Looks great! I'm also guilty of thinking that only the "fashion blogger-type" girls can pull it off, but you've inspired me. Definitely trying this out in the near future.