Spontaneous Weekend

I didn’t think that last weekend could be beat, but this weekend was one for the record books.
I took a little break in the afternoon on Friday to meet with Garrett and his friend; macaroni and cheese from The Smith is the best cure for rainy day blues. It was so gross outside really that I ducked into Bloomingdales for some shopping and cupcakes. I imagine that any weekend that starts with a trip to Bloomies and Magnolia Cupcakes will certainly be a great weekend.
Teddy and I spent the entire day together on Saturday. The longest walk in the morning, just bopping around the neighborhood, and then an especially long trip to the dog park. I’m telling you, that place has turned into my happy place. Teddy was moving a mile a minute and this is the best picture I could get! He comes over from time to time to say hello.. and the second I give him a tiny pet he’s off like lightning to go chase a dog or a ball.
I wish I had tracked how far we had walked total. Sheesh! My legs were killing me.
We even strolled over to Central Park because it was such a beautiful day. Actually while I was there, I realized that I had no plans for Saturday night. The last thing I wanted was to just sit around my apartment all night watching Netflix. (Please note: I do love a good Netflix night though.) I randomly bought tickets for Once. I’ve been listening to a few of the songs on Pandora and it’s been just sitting on my to-do list forever.
So I paid way too much for a ticket and zipped downtown for the 8pm show.
OH MY GOSH. Definitely in my top five favorite Broadway show. Seriously amazing. The songs and music are incredible. I love that the cast is the orchestra. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all day long. MUST SEE.
A random pick, but I’ve had to up my SPF game because I’ve been spending so much time outdoors. I typically wear makeup with SPF 15 or 20. This Clinique Super City Block has been saving me… sooooo good. SPF 40 for the win.
This morning? I took Teddy to Central Park for off-leash hours. I was super nervous about it, but he’s very well-behaved and responds to calling his name. He did so well. He was so happy running around and meeting people and dogs. The key is to go early, so I’m going to try to get out there with him every morning now.
Then I got ready and went to a gorgeous brunch at the Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel with French Connection. All of the bloggers donned French Connection flirty floral dresses. 
I felt like a little princess in the dress. So perfect for spring!
50% hanging out outside and 50% getting dressed up for fun NYC things. Perfect balance!
How was your weekend? What’s coming up for you this week?

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Lauren Rose

Sounds like an amazing weekend! And Teddy is actually the CUTEST dog ever! So glad you had a good time!

Taylor Martin

Sounds like such a great weekend! You should invest in a FitBit since you've been spending more time walking Teddy. It is a fitness tracker that tracks the steps you take in a day and adds up the total distance you walked or ran. I've had mine for a couple months and it's made such a change in the way I look at my daily fitness. I highly recommend it!

emily rose

You should check out the Central Bark Bagel Bark! Once a month they meet somewhere in the park for off leash fun and they offer bagels, coffee and juice.

Aimee C.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I find the second picture amusing, because of the dogs in the background! The two black dogs are fighting (maybe play "fighting"), and the miniature poodle is just walking over to them, like "hey! hi! whatcha doing?!"


Sounds like the perfect weekend! Once is definitely on my list of musicals to see. I am so jealous that you live in the city and can just decide to go see musicals and just have as magical of a weekend as you did. Maybe some day!