Sporty Sister’s Summer Essentials

I’m turning over College Prep to Sporty Sister today!!!

I also guest posted for Long Distance Loving… be sure to check it out!

This summer has been a much-needed break and time for
self-reflection. After going through what I like to call a “1/5 life crisis” after my 20th birthday, I’m using this time to accept the fact that
time is not slowing down. As much trouble as I have coping with this little
“growing up” issue, the summer has been a perfect time to release the anxiety
and stress.
I’ve been reevaluating friendships and certain goals in
order to bring only positive energy into my life. My days are spent on hobbies
such as reading, photography, exercising, eliminating dairy, spending time with
old and new friends, and obviously soaking up lots vitamin D.
(Yes- Newly diagnosed as lactose intolerant…not cool.)
The whole family together probably takes the cake(pop) as
the best part of summer. With Meesh making cake pops 24/7 and Philippe golfing,
CP and I have been able to bond even more than usual. 
Definitely not
complaining about that. I’m honored to be able to write a post for her and
although I would not define myself as a “college prepster” I hope a new
perspective is refreshing to you lovely readers. 
My summer essentials:
Lace cover up shorts (from Creme da la Creme)
Bleached denim
Brown sandals
White Francesca’s sweater 
White eyelet bathing suit 
Starfish earings
Florida necklace
(longer Dogeared compass also shown)

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Sweet Southern Prep

Thanks for a great write-up! Linkies to your favorite summer essentials would be fabulous – like your lace shorts, brown sandals and starfish earrings! Thanks!!


Love the lace shorts and eyelet bathing suit! Adding Zen and the Art of Happiness to my reading list. Great post!

Julia D.

Loving all of Sporty Sister's picks, especially in love with her bangle. I know Ashleigh already asked, but where is it from?