Spring Picnic

I’ve been checking my weather app like crazy. The weather was getting better every day and with that, my mood. I feel like I’m finally cracking out of the winter shell I hole up in. With a seventy plus degree day on the forecast for yesterday and Garrett free in the afternoon, we made a lunch date for a picnic.
He met me at the apartment after a morning meeting. We hit up a new favorite deli for sandwiches and chips, threw a blanket into a basket, and changed into shorts. I kid you not, the birds were chirping as we walked to find the perfect spot.
And the turtles were out. And the ducks were swimming.
It was as idyllic as it could possibly get.
I was working from home most of the day– windows wide open, frequent breaks outside with the pups– so a casual outfit was in order. I love that this shirt is a little upgraded from the usual plain tee yet just as comfortable.
The shorts might not have been the best idea because both Garrett and I were both burning even though we were in the shadiest spot we could find! But it was still a welcome change. We just might need a few weeks for our skin to get used to the fact that it’s not hidden away behind pants. (Our future children don’t stand a chance for tanned skin.)
I’ve been wearing these espadrilles almost non-stop since I got them. They feel like I’m walking barefoot. (Which is a weird sensation at first and then a wonderful one when you remember you’re actually wearing shoes.) I love them so much I think I need the blue striped pair as well!

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