Stick It

I have SO many things to do over the next couple of weeks and I’ve been feeling extremely anxious about getting everything done. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m obsessed with making lists. I need to be able to see everything I need to get done and I just love to cross things off.
Today, I was writing multiple lists and reminders on Post-Its and I realized how much I could not live without them.
I have stacks of regular colored Post-Its, but I also have quite the collection of preppy ones as well.

The one on the bottom is a Vineyard Vines mousepad that’s actually a stack of paper. It’s great for jotting down quick notes and reminders while at the computer. Vera Bradley Post-it booklet is on the left, then my Lilly “Stuck On You” booklet, and on the right is my Vineyard Vine’s polo Post-it stack.

The inside of the Lilly booklet. I love the different shapes… there’s one for everything you need!

The long ones on the left are fabulous for lists. I love how they’re lined. I use the hot pink ones on the bottom right for dividing things in notebooks and as bookmarks.

Two reminders that I left on the side of my desk hutch.

Another reminder (on boring, but pink, Post-It) on the corner of my desk.

My “To-Do” list for tonight on the front of my Kate Spade agenda.

Another “To-Do” list from a few weeks ago.

My schedule, in case I forget.

Every week, I make a list of all the homework I have due. I make it the Friday before so I can be efficient during the weekend. This one is from a couple of weeks ago.

I separate my economic lecture notes with the skinny Vera Bradley Post-its. It makes it easy to flip between the packets.

This isn’t a Post-it, but I pin it to my bulletin board. I have to see everything written down!
Well, by writing this post, I can check one more thing off my list!
-College Prepster

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Lists! Lists! Lists! They rule my life also!!! How anyone can achieve anything without lists is beyond me!!! I even have lists for a whole year to work on a plan for the next event!!! Do people think we we "listaholics" Yes, but we are the ones who not only get things done but also in a timely manner!!!


where did you get the days of the week paper for your bulletin board? i have been looking EVERYWHERE for something like that!


I love lists as well! I schedule things into my calendar via Google Calendar and have it set up to send me a text before it's due! It's so helpful because I completely forget things otherwise and I can go change it ahead of time if it becomes obsolete! 🙂

Abby Baron

Carly- I love all your posts, but this one especially. I use a very similar system in my life where I post sticky notes everywhere for everything. Color-coded sticky notes are what I’ve always used, but I love the cute ones you displayed in this post. The pack of Vera Bradley notes looks like it has a million uses and would come in handy all the time. It’s great how they give you different shapes/types, rather than having to cut and paste average sticky notes like I always do. Thanks for sharing all your organizational tips, they are so useful and I’m excited to try them all out!


Have you looked into the bullet journal? Google it, it's definitely for those who love lists. I've fallen head over heels for it, and rightfully so, it's an awesome way to keep everything in one place and you can customize however you want. 😀