5 Must Have Items in Your College Pantry

When I think back to what I had in my college dorm room food wise, it was pretty much Swedish fish, popcorn, almonds, and the occasional granola bar. I was really lazy when it came to cooking and let myself live off the dining hall’s selection instead of trying to make anything on my own….


How to Eat Your Way Through a New City

Anyone else guilty of planning travel itineraries around meals?! Louisa from Living Lou is sharing some of her tips for getting to know a city through its food. While I think heading to restaurants is always fun– especially if its one a local friend has recommended, there are more ways to eat your way through a…


4 Ingredients to Cook with Right Now

I love summer vegetables– especially grilled corn! Louisa from Living Lou is sharing four of her favorite summer ingredients, along with accompanying recipes to make the most of the in season veggies. 4 Ingredients to Cook with Right Now Guest post by Living Lou The summer is the best time to get in the kitchen…


5 Tips for Summer Slow Cooking

Louisa read my mind this week! It’s so hot! I can’t even think of turning my stove/oven on. I love our slowcooker and use it frequently during the winter months, but never even considered it for the summer! Loving Louisa’s tips and I think I’ve been inspired to pull mine out of winter storage this week!…


5 Tips for Building a Better Salad

I love a good salad. But I really think I’m incapable of making a good salad at home. I can never quite get a salad at home to taste as good as a restaurant salad! But it shouldn’t be that hard, right?! Louisa from Living Lou is guest posting today with her tips and I think…


5 Tips for Summer Cooking

Summer is officially here! Louisa is sharing some of her best tips for cooking this season. After reading, I’m certainly inspired to whip something healthy up in the kitchen!  5 Tips for Summer Cooking Guest post by Living Lou Summer is by far my favorite time to cook because of all the amazing, fresh produce….


Summer Bean Salad

Another Monday, another (healthy! affordable! simple!) recipe from Louisa. I’m all about this recipe because it’s cool and won’t heat up the house while cooking. (We’ve had to really cut back on cooking because our tiny apartment gets so, so hot when we turn the stove and oven on.) White Bean Tuna Salad Guest Post by Louisa…


Easy Homemade Bruschetta

Louisa is sharing what might be my favorite recipe to date. Delicious bruschetta reminds me of my childhood summers spent swimming in the pool. My mom would always whip this up as our mid-afternoon snack. There’s just something so satisfying about fresh tomatoes in the heat of summer Easy Homemade Bruschetta Guest Post by Louisa…


1 Minute Microwave Omelette

I try really hard to eat breakfast every morning, but I’m terrible about it. Occasionally I’ll wake up starving and have to eat a bowl of oatmeal. However, most days I skip it… Whoops. The major problem with this is sometimes I crash around 11am, or worse, I find myself downright hangry by noon. Louisa is here…