Tampa for a Week

I don’t think a week has ever gone by so fast. I flew to Tampa from NYC on Saturday, blinked, and returned on Friday. Flights are always expensive, but especially so this time of year, so I had to fly late on Saturday and early on Friday so I feel like I got shortchanged a bit. Boo!)
Sometimes I feel a little left out because I live so far away. It was, of course, my choice to go to a school out of state and it is my choice to live in NYC, but I can’t help the family FOMO. My sister graduated college in May and moved into an awesome apartment a stone’s throw away from my parent’s house. Whenever I see snaps or Instagrams of my sister at “home” (aka my parent’s house), I feel very far away.
It was so nice being home and having dinner as a family of four like we always do. I definitely had a lot of fun, but it was really TEDDY who had a blast. It was the sweetest thing to see how much fun he had. Everyone was a little shocked to see his haircut (in case you’re wondering, we had to shave him because the cone he had to wear really matted his hair), but found out in about two seconds that he’s exactly the same dog!

Some a lot of highlights from the week:

On Saturday night, my whole family went out to dinner. I was kind of nervous about leaving Teddy in the big house alone because we have two cats and there’s a lot of trouble to get into. Lo and behold, we walk up to the front door and find him patiently waiting on the stairs. So, so cute.

Luckily, with four people in the house, there was ALWAYS someone to play with. The best part though? Being able to let him out in the morning without bundling up or even putting a leash on him. Just open the back door!!! I can’t tell you how luxurious that felt for me!

My mom brought doughnuts one morning and we would enjoy peppermint mochas every afternoon. More peppermint mochas than I could count actually…. so good! And even more cookies. One of the best/worst parts of having a mom who bakes a lot.
^^In case you’re wondering, we’re not driving here! Just in the parking lot of Starbucks enjoying our sippy-sue.

It’s a tradition to have tea the day before Thanksgiving. Normally we do a traditional tea room, but this year we wanted to do an actual lunch. We went to Oxford Exchange, which has to be the best part of Tampa right now. It’s amazing

On my mom: J. Crew Sweater, Paige Jeans, Madewell Boots, Kate Spade Bag (similar)
On my sister: Loft Dress

My mom and sister are too cute. Both will be making bigger appearances on my blog later this week… woo woo! I’m also excited because they’re coming to NYC this weekend!!!
Thanksgiving was, as always, very low key. I contributed the Brussels sprouts! It’s our tradition to take the holiday card photo before dinner. I’ll share the final result later, just had to share the cutest picture of Ted. He’s a stud, even without hair.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Audrey Lin

Thanksgiving tickets are the best to use mileage on! This weekend I reunited with my high school friends, which was really nice since I'm a freshman in college. Omg those donuts look delicious! I had some of the best food I've eaten in awhile (blehh college dining hall food). Teddy's head looks so big and fluffy in that last photo–adorable! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


The photo of Teddy waiting on the stairs is too precious! That's awesome that your mom and sister can visit so soon after you went to see them. Can't wait to see photos of their trip 🙂

Sweet Spontaneity

Fairy Princess Jord

It looks like your trip was so lovely. I love your tradition of having tea the day before Thanksgiving. I love having high tea with the women in my family, it's the perfect girls day activity I think!


He got neutered… He only wore the cone a few days, but it was so dry out and the plastic made his hair SUPER staticky. It was a mess!


Your family is so stylish! The holidays are always my favorite time of year because we all come together and spend some quality time together. It's so great that you got to bring Teddy along too 🙂

XO, Chekara |