Thanksgiving: Instagram Edition

I accumulated all these cute Instagram pictures!  I had an absolutely fantastic break and the pictures, I think, show just how much fun I had!
They’re kinda out of order, but I think that just adds to the spontaneity of the post 😉
Packing.  I really tried not to overpack.  Of course, I overpacked.  (Sweaters?  Really, what was I thinking??? It was 80 degrees the whole time)

It’s a mom + sisters tradition to go to a tea room the day before Thanksgiving.  Sugar coma before the Turkey coma!

Obviously, I did not turn down a manicure with my mom.  Even if it meant waking up early on the first day home.

So much Bang Bang.  We’re kind of obsessed.  And $5 on Wednesdays!!!  

Carrot Cake pops. (Would you say Carrot Cake Cake Pops???)  So delicious, and the perfect little take-home for guests.
Eating outside by candles and strings of light is kind of the most perfect setting.
My high school rowing coach’s wife had a baby!  A beautiful baby boy.

Soccer Mom and I took advantage of “Small Business Saturday” to pop into every boutique in South Tampa.

Cut out cookies are a necessity.

Sporty Sister went to a deb ball… how gorgeous is she???

Friday afternoon lunch at J. Alexanders… Chips & Salsa all day, every day.

Christmas Card pictures were taken.

Molly the dolly.  Complete with stiches.  “Ouila! My Scar!”

Chocolate chip cookies.

More J. Alexanders

Catching up on some perfectly-relevant Time magazine articles.

Lunch at the CC

S’mores after Thanksgiving dinner 🙂

Soccer Mom and I saw We Bought a Zoo…. so cute!
How was your break?  What was your favorite part?

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J. Alexanders is my family's favorite restaurant, we go every sunday after church! And most of the time we are too full to eat anything after all the chips and salsa – I had no idea they had one in Florida!

xx Emily @


oh my goodness I have the EXACT same "Molly the Dolly" little rag doll!!! my grandma gave it to me when I was a baby, and it still sits on my bed at home. So cute. Mine has stitches too 🙂