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Even being done with classes “officially” (papers turned in, finals completed), I am still running my life completely via my to-do lists. In fact, they almost seem busier than usual. The glorious feeling of freedom from homework was fleeting when my lists started filling up with normal “real life” issues.
I can’t function without making a list. In fact, I end up making about three or four a day. I think there are four categories that are absolutely necessary: Sticky Notes, Notepads, Notebooks, & Mousepad Notepads.
I use sticky notes all the time. I stick them on the corner of my desktop with important things I can’t forget, on the door with little reminders, and in my agenda with mini-lists.
Notepads for packing lists, favorite quotations, and talking points for telephone calls. I use these for more hodgepodge types of lists.
I always carry a notebook or two with me. I write down my homework in them. Little notebooks are also perfect for taking notes while I’m on the go! If I need to remember something, I just jot it down in my handy notebook.
My workload that I need to complete on my computer (or anything that I’ll be working on on my desk) gets written down on my mousepad notepads. Generally they start off as a medium-length list, but by the end of the day the whole thing is covered in notes, doodles, reminders, and various marks.
Do you use to-do lists? What do you use to write them down?

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Oh I love a good list! I've got notepads and stickies at work for lists in my classroom, one in my kitchen for groceries, and a notebook in my purse for everything else. As a general rule, I make sure they're cute and fun! I'm going back to school in the fall for my masters degree and looking at agendas to keep that new part of my life organized. What is your favorite agenda or day planner?

Katie's Bliss

I wish I was better about making to-do lists! Usually I just write everything in my iPhone or on sticky notes on my computer!