I feel like I’m finally able to enjoy weekends now that I’m an adult. In middle school, nearly every weekend was spent in a folding chair watching my sister play soccer for games and tournaments. In high school, it was homework, studying, crew practices, and far-away regattas. College was even more studying, endless group projects, and (again) crew. Even my first year out of school working in NYC was spent catching up on my blog because I worked insane hours during the week.
I have to say… I like it. And I like it a lot.
It’s funny because even though I don’t have to wake up early to catch a bus for a regatta or secure a table in a prime library location, I still get up at a decent hour just because I want to soak up as much weekend as possible. 
On Saturday, Teddy and I had a low-key morning and then Garrett and I went to Mackenzie’s for a housewarming brunch. When we got there, it was a beautiful day! But by the time we left, things had turned south and we got completely stuck in a thunderstorm. (Good luck getting a cab in a rainstorm.) Somehow we ended up on the subway and back to Garrett’s apartment for a little. We were heading back uptown to Teddy for a long walk before dinner… and we got caught in a downright monsoon. Soaked through in one minute. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain that hard, that fast in the city.
We were very wet, I wasn’t feeling great, and Garrett’s back was hurting so we grabbed Burgerfi and sat in bed watching Netflix and eating ice cream all night. Totally fine by me.
Today was really nice though. No rain!!! Woke up early to call mom (Happy Mother’s Day!), do laundry, take Teddy for a long walk, and meet my friend Caitlin for brunch! Caitlin’s in town from San Francisco so I’m super excited that I got to see her for a bit while she’s in town. We ate at The Butcher’s Daughter. #yum. It’s been on my list for a while and I don’t think it could have been a more perfect to try it. We sat outside and enjoyed strawberry and basil juice, french toast, and scrambled eggs. (Plus lots of people watching!)
Garrett and I decided to shop with every tourist in the city and we loved every minute of it. We popped into Club Monaco… and I left with the cutest hat ever (plus a bandaid for a dumb blister). This weekend is little Lilly’s birthday so we also did some shopping for her. Can we talk about how precious tiny dresses are?! I died.
We rounded out the day with a trip to Columbia University. I’ve never been to the campus before and it was really beautiful. Perfect afternoon for wandering around aimlessly.

How was your weekend?! Anything fun?

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Kelly Crusenberry

You look so happy! Sounds like such a perfect weekend to me. Even the getting soaked part if you get to have burgers, ice cream, and netlfix all night. Love it!


that sounds like so much fun! mu usual weekends are full of studying (yay college),though last weekend i celebrated my birthday with family 🙂
xo, cheyenne